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Joker Heath Ledger Costume


How To Dress Like Joker Heath Ledger From The Dark Night

Joker Heath Ledger The Dark Night Cosplay

Dress like Joker Heath Ledger From The Dark Night;

Joker Heath Ledger Costume Wig: #1 short green clown wig.

Joker Heath Ledger Costume Mask: #3 Joker Heath Ledger mask The Dark Knight.

Joker Heath Ledger Costume Shoe: #13 brown cap-toe lace-up leather Oxford shoe.

Joker Heath Ledger Glove: #7 purple adult Joker glove.

Joker Heath Ledger Sock: #12 The Dark Knight Batman Joker costume sock.

Joker Heath Ledger Shirt: #6 hexagon shirt.

Joker Heath Ledger Coat: #8 Joker Heath Ledger coat.

Joker Pant: #11 Joker Heath Ledger pant.

Joker Vest: #9 Joker Heath Ledger green vest.

Joker Tie: #5 Joker necktie, #2 Joker tie.

Joker Heath Ledger Full Costume: #4 shirt vest tie outfit suit set, #10 The Dark Knight Joker costume set.

Joker Heath Ledger Halloween Costume

Joker Heath Ledger The Dark Night Halloween Costume

The Joker was a rather tall man (although his stooped stance made him appear slightly shorter than Batman), dressed in a tailored purple suit consisting of a smart purple coat and matching pinstriped trousers, held up by suspenders rather than a belt. Underneath, Joker wore a light gray jacket, a green waistcoat, and a light gray patterned shirt.

Joker was almost always seen with chalk-white makeup on his face, consisting of a dark complexion blackening the spaces around his smirking brown eyes, green hair dye smeared through his unkempt, greasy brown hair, and a smudge of red lipstick, Smeared across it was a thin mouth with two cruel scars at the corners resembling a Glaswegian smile, further suggesting his unstable psyche.

 According to Happy and Dopey, Joker's use of clown makeup was intended for use in psychological warfare similar to war paint, and that was at least one reason why he was nicknamed "The Joker".

Over the course of the film, the Joker only removed his makeup once (when he disguised himself and his men as part of the honor guard in their attempted assassination of Mayor Garcia at Commissioner Loeb's funeral), resulting in a distorted and demonic face that looked scarier than with the clown makeup, sleepless dark circles around the eyes, totally yellowed teeth and dirty/dry skin from wearing makeup for a long time.

Apparently, Joker's extremely unkempt appearance was related to his lack of concern for himself and his life.

Joker Heath Ledger Cosplay

The Joker was the embodiment of chaos, anarchy, death, destruction, nihilism, and madness. However, the Joker himself claimed not to be insane. This proved to be true, at least partly, as the Joker was a competent strategist who could easily get inside people's minds, predicting their actions and planning accordingly. Able to plan The Dark Knight's events and improvise when necessary, he displayed a high level of intellect and knowledge.

 He had no trouble getting under people's skin and could easily manipulate people into corruption. In addition, Joker was adept at targeting mentally unstable people and manipulating them with promises that he would fix their mental health issues. For example, when Joker planted a bomb in Kilson's stomach, he told him that he would.

This extreme scenario of cruelty, sadism, and precision proved that this Joker was more of a sociopath than a lunatic, as he was neither delusional nor unrealistic. On a related note, Joker was also somewhat irritated when he was referred to some other term implying he is defective, which was best demonstrated twice, both times with members of the mob: the first time was with Gambol.

He called Joker in response to his remark about during his speech, somewhat irritating Joker at the end before quickly getting to the point, and the second time with the Chechen, about the Joker, so angered was the Chechen's suggestion that he be immediately dismembered and fed to his own dogs in response to the takeover by his criminal organization.

Still, Joker had no problem acknowledging that he was insane when he was defeated by Batman, as his beliefs in him and Batman aren't all that different from Gotham itself when it comes to sanity.

Joker espoused a nihilistic philosophy and was obsessed with the limits of morality, while also being described as having; the two may have come together, reflecting the Joker's doubts about the depths of human morality based on his belief:

He was also masochistic and immune to pain, as shown when Batman threw the Joker across the room, attacking him and demanding Rachel and Harvey's locations: Joker took the attack with glee as he laughed multiple times while being punched by Batman.

A similar demonstration of his masochistic nature and immunity to pain was demonstrated when Rachel Dawes, shortly after Joker told his second, quickly kneed him in defense in the groin, laughed at it, and then admitted he had died. She liked that she had a while he was approaching her.

Joker didn't care about the people who worked for him; when one of his minions was electrocuted while attempting to remove Batman's mask, Joker laughed hysterically and then kicked him. Joker then taunted him by making noises similar to those of someone being electrocuted before spitting at him and resorting to his attempt to remove Batman's mask himself. This, along with the same henchman later revealing that he had been surgically implanted with a wired bomb, showed that Joker had no problem inflicting pain on people who worked for him.

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