Murray Bauman Costume

Murray Bauman Costume

How To Dress Like Murray Bauman From Stranger Things Season 4

Murray Bauman Karate

Dress like Murray Bauman from Stranger Things season 4;

Murray Bauman's Season 4 Outfit: Bauman is not a man of fashion. He is a practical man, and so is his wardrobe. In his mission to Russia with Joyce, we see him in winter clothes, naturally. He wears a blue suede coat,  a brick color scarf, and a gray newsboy cap.

Murray Bauman's Accessories: To complete your Murray Bauman Halloween costume, don't forget black puff ear warmers, polarized glasses, and black leather gloves.

Murray Bauman Halloween Costume

Murray Bauman Flamethrower

Murray Bauman, played by Brett Gelman, is one of the main characters of the Stranger Things.
Murray was a peculiar but awake journalist. Despite the fact that Murray was an investigative journalist, he was always ignored by others because of his freakish nature.  After the Holland family hired him to investigate their daughter's disappearance, he began working as an investigator, following more than 200 tips to try to find out the whereabouts of Barbara Holland. Although most people ignored him, he was convinced that Hawkins National Laboratory was somehow responsible for the abnormal events taking place at Hawkins and Barbara's death, and was determined to uncover the truth. He had a good ability to analyze a person's character and personality. He recognized Jonathan and Nancy's feelings for each other, and later made a similar conclusion about Hopper and Joyce. His precise psychoanalysis could make those he analyzed feel very uncomfortable.

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