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Are you a fan of Stranger Things and looking for a unique Halloween costume idea? Why not dress up as Murray Bauman, the conspiracy theorist and journalist who plays a key role in the show's plot. Murray's distinct style and quirky personality make him a fun and easy character to dress up as. In this guide, we'll walk you through how to create your very own Murray Bauman costume.

Murray Bauman Costume


How To Dress Like Murray Bauman From Stranger Things Season 4

Murray Bauman Karate
  1. The Jacket: Murray is often seen wearing a shearling-lined suede jacket in a tan or brown color. This is a key item to get right for your costume. Look for a similar jacket at your local thrift store or online. If you can't find a suede jacket, you can also opt for a leather jacket with a similar lining.
  1. The Scarf and Cap: To complete the look, you'll need a long knit scarf in a neutral color, such as gray. Murray is often seen wearing a newsboy cap in a similar color to his jacket, so look for a gray or tan cap to match. These two items will help you to achieve Murray's signature look.
  1. The Pants and Boots: Murray wears thick navy tactical hiking pants that are both practical and stylish. Look for a similar style at your local outdoor supply store. Brown cold weather boots with thick soles and laces will complete the outfit. These items will not only look great but also keep you warm during Halloween festivities.
  1. The Accessories: Murray is always ready for anything, so he often sports a pair of polarized aviator sunglasses to protect his eyes. You can find similar sunglasses at most stores or online. Additionally, winter ear warmers and leather gloves will keep you warm and help you to look the part.

In conclusion, dressing up as Murray Bauman is a fun and unique Halloween costume idea for Stranger Things fans. With the right items and a little bit of creativity, you can create a costume that's sure to impress. So don't be afraid to get creative and have fun with your Murray Bauman costume this Halloween!

Murray Bauman Cosplay

As Murray Bauman, you should try to embody the character's eccentric and paranoid personality at the party. Here are a few tips to help you act like Murray:

  1. Be Suspicious: Murray is always suspicious of people's intentions and always expects the worst. Try to act a bit paranoid and keep an eye out for any strange occurrences or people.
  2. Talk with Passion: Murray is passionate about his work and beliefs, and he isn't afraid to speak his mind. Speak with confidence and conviction about the things that interest you, just like Murray would.
  3. Use Conspiracy Theories: Murray is known for his conspiracy theories, so why not come up with a few of your own to share with your fellow party-goers? Just make sure to keep it light and fun.
  4. Be Witty: Murray has a dry and sarcastic sense of humor. Try to inject some wit into your conversations and interactions with others.
  5. Be Curious: Murray is always on the hunt for the truth and is never satisfied until he gets to the bottom of things. Ask questions and show a genuine curiosity in what others have to say.

Remember to have fun and stay in character as Murray Bauman at the party. If you're confident and committed to the role, you'll be sure to make a memorable impression.

Murray Bauman Halloween Costume

Murray Bauman Flamethrower

Murray Bauman, played by Brett Gelman, is one of the main characters of the Stranger Things.
Murray was a peculiar but awake journalist. Despite the fact that Murray was an investigative journalist, he was always ignored by others because of his freakish nature.  After the Holland family hired him to investigate their daughter's disappearance, he began working as an investigator, following more than 200 tips to try to find out the whereabouts of Barbara Holland. Although most people ignored him, he was convinced that Hawkins National Laboratory was somehow responsible for the abnormal events taking place at Hawkins and Barbara's death, and was determined to uncover the truth. He had a good ability to analyze a person's character and personality. He recognized Jonathan and Nancy's feelings for each other, and later made a similar conclusion about Hopper and Joyce. His precise psychoanalysis could make those he analyzed feel very uncomfortable.

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