Love Death and Robots The Witness Costume

Love Death and Robots The Witness Costume

Love Death and Robots The Witness Cosplay Costume

A woman sees a murder within the apartment opposite her hotel in Hong Kong. The murderer notices that he has been spotted, but notices the similarity between his victim and the woman who witnessed his murder and starts chasing her. The lady comes out of a taxi and contacts the authorities and a person named Vladimir for the murder, leaving the small print vague in their confused state. After that, she visits a night club where she works under the nickname Zawora as a stripter. The person enters the club under the direction of the host. When the witness sees the person within the audience during his dance, the person and therefore the woman play a cat-and-mouse game over the streets of the town. the lady who stole the weapon from Vladimir hides in an apartment, but the person finds her and embarrasses her. They continue fighting over the weapon, and within the end, the lady shoots the person. She then realizes that a person within the hotel across the road witnessed the murder and notices his resemblance to her victim.

How To Dress Like The Witness From Love Death and Robots

Dress like The Witness from LDR; LDR The Witness costume consists of black leather pants, pink jacket, kimono, go-go boots, and square glasses, to complete your LDR The Witness costume don't forget to get a leather choker and wig.

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