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The Last Of Us Ellie Costume

Last of us 2 Ellie Halloween Costume

Get Your "Ellie-fied" Halloween Look with This Last of Us Ellie Costume Guide

Are you ready to become the baddest post-apocalyptic teenager around this Halloween? Look no further than Ellie from the hit game and 2023 HBO hit series The Last of Us. Not only will you be the talk of the party, but you'll also be ready to take on any infected that come your way (but hopefully not in real life). And don't worry, we've got you covered on how to make your costume look as authentic as possible without breaking the bank.

HBO's The Last Of Us Ellie Costume

You need the following items for your Ellie Williams from HBO's The Last of Us:

  1. Grey Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  2. Burgundy Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt
  3. Medium Wash High Rise Jean
  4. Ellie Williams Backpack
  5. Grey Crew Socks
  6. Maroon Converse Sneakers

Update: G.I. Type D-Cell Flashlights

To dress like Ellie from the Last of Us, you should start by finding clothing that is similar to what she wears in the game or the HBO series. This would include a denim jacket, a t-shirt, and cargo pants, jeans, long sleeve t-shirt etc. You can also add accessories such as a backpack and a bandana. Additionally, Ellie is known for her scar on her right arm, a fake zombie scar may do the trick.

Ellie's look won't be complete unless you team up with her protector Joel. Get a friend or family member to dress up as Joel Miller for a wonderful couple's costume. If you have more friends to join, you can get them to dress up as Riley Abel, Sarah Miller, and Tess.

Other Items Worn - Used by Ellie


The Last Of Us Part 2 Ellie Costume

The Last of Us Ellie Costume

How To Dress Like Ellie From The Last of Us

Dress Like Ellie From The Last Of Us Part II

To dress like Ellie from the Last of Us, you will need:

  1. Denim jacket: In the game, Ellie is often seen wearing a blue denim jacket, which serves as a key element of her costume. You can find denim jackets at most clothing stores, or you can purchase a replica jacket that is specifically designed to look like the one worn in the game. In the HBO series, however, she wears a red short sleeve shirt instead of the denim jacket, at least until episode 3.
  2.  T-Shirt: Ellie typically wears a plain t-shirt underneath her denim jacket. You can find t-shirts in a variety of colors, but gray or white would be the best choice to match the game. She prefers long sleeve t-shirt in the television adaptation.
  3. Pants: Ellie wears a pair of cargo pants in the game, and denim pants in the TV adaptation, which can be found at most clothing stores. Look for a pair that is similar in color and style to the ones worn in the game.
  4. Shoes: Ellie wears a pair of converse shoes in the game, and also, in the series which can be found at most shoe stores. Look for a pair that is similar in style and color to the ones worn in the game.
  5. Backpack: Ellie is often seen wearing a backpack in the game, which can be found at most outdoor stores or online.
  6. Bandana: Ellie sometimes wears a bandana around her neck, which can be found at most clothing stores or online.
  7. Short hair: Ellie is known for her short hair, so you may want to consider cutting your hair short or wearing a wig to emulate this look.
  8. Makeup: Ellie has some scars and bruises on her face, you may want to use makeup to replicate them.


The Last Of Us Ellie Halloween Costume

First things first, let's talk about the clothes. Ellie's signature look includes a long sleeve t-shirt to hide her scar, denim pants and red short sleeve shirt. You can find these items at any regular clothing store, but to truly channel your inner Ellie, you'll need to make them look a little worn and dirty. And no, we don't mean just wearing them for a week straight. Use some sandpaper or a cheese grater to distress the denim and cargo pants, and voila! You're one step closer to looking like you just escaped a zombie apocalypse.

Next, let's talk about the hair. Ellie's got a short, dark brown hair that's messy in all the right ways. If you're not naturally a brunette, don't fret, a wig or hair dye can do the trick. And don't forget to add some dirt and grime to make it look like you've been living in a post-apocalyptic world (because, let's be real, we all have during the pandemic).

Finally, it's time to accessorize. Ellie is often seen carrying a backpack, so grab one and fill it with essentials like a toy gun, a wooden plank, or even snacks (for when the apocalypse hunger strikes).

With these tips and tricks, you'll be the most "Ellie-fied" person at the party. Just don't blame us if you get mistaken for the real deal and end up saving humanity. Happy Halloween!"

About Ellie From The Last Of Us

Ellie is very careless, has a bad mouth, is impulsive and spirited and is not impressed by the idea of using violence as a means to an end or obscenity as an expression of her feelings. However, she manages to maintain a certain innocence because she has not yet seen the darkest side of human nature and has a noticeable trust in people. This contrasts with Joel's cautious, grumpy, and cynical attitude toward life after the pandemic. She apologized to the soldier who had scanned her moments before stabbing him in the hope of non-lethal means to incapacitate him and Ramirez.

To act like Ellie from the video game "The Last of Us," you can focus on embodying her characteristics of resilience, resourcefulness, and determination. Also, pay attention to her body language, facial expressions and the way she speaks. Try to mimic her movements and mannerisms as you play the game. If you are performing as Ellie in a live-action role play or cosplay, you can also research the voice and accent used by the voice actress in the game. But keep in mind that it's not necessary to be identical to the character, you can also put your own interpretation and personal touch.

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