Mavis Costume

Dress Like Mavis Dracula

Mavis is a beautiful and slender vampire with long black hair on her shoulders and wide blue eyes, pale complexion. Usually wears black turtleneck dress with black long fingerless gloves, black and red striped tights and red Converse shoes. Either her makeup or natural features show her with black lips, striped eyes and shaded eyelids.

Mavis Dracula Halloween Costume

Mavis From Hotel Transylvania Costume

Mavis Dracula Loughran is a featured artist on the Hotel Transylvania film series. Vampire daughter of Count Dracula and Martha of Lubov Castle.

In his first film he is 118 years old and meets Jonathan Loughran. She gives birth to Dennis in the second film.

During the third film, he became a busy worker for the hotel and still lives there with his family. At the age of 126, he implied that 8 years had passed since the first film.

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