Dress Like Mei Lee

Mei Lee is the main protagonist of the upcoming Pixar film "Turning Red". Mei Lee is a teenage girl who lives in Toronto with her overprotective mother, Ming. When Mei Lee gets too excited or stressed, she turns into a giant red panda.

Mei Lee Costume


How To Dress Like Mei Lee From Turning Red

Mei Lee Halloween Costume

Costume: Mei Lee's outfit is quite simple but cute. She wears a red cardigan with white trim and matching red pants. You can find a red hoodie and pants from any clothing store or online. Additionally, you can add a pair of white sneakers to complete the outfit.

Makeup: To achieve Mei Lee's red panda look, you will need some makeup. Begin by applying a light foundation that matches your skin tone. Next, apply a light pink blush to the cheeks to give your face a soft and youthful look. Apply a red lip gloss to your lips to complete the look.

Hair: Mei Lee's hair is black and styled into two pigtails. You can use a black wig or dye your hair black to achieve this look. Tie the pigtails with red ribbons to match the outfit.

Accessories: Mei Lee doesn't have many accessories in the movie, but you can add some to make your costume more interesting. For example, you can add a pair of red panda ears to a headband to make it look like you have transformed into Mei Lee's red panda form. You can also add a stuffed animal red panda to your costume to carry around with you.

Mei Lee Cosplay

Mei Lee Cosplay

If you've decided to dress up as Mei Lee from Turning Red for Halloween, it's only fitting that you embrace her quirky and fun personality while you're at the party. Here are some tips on how to act like Mei Lee:

  1. Be enthusiastic: Mei Lee is a spunky and lively character who is passionate about the things she loves. When you're at the party, be sure to show your excitement and enthusiasm for the festivities.
  2. Be confident: Mei Lee is comfortable in her own skin, even when she's transforming into a giant red panda. Take a cue from her and be confident in your costume and yourself.
  3. Be curious: Mei Lee is always eager to explore and try new things. Strike up conversations with new people and try out different activities at the party.
  4. Be playful: Mei Lee loves to have fun and be silly, whether she's playing with her toys or causing mischief as a giant red panda. Join in on the fun by playing party games or dancing to the music.
  5. Be loyal: Mei Lee is fiercely loyal to her family and friends. Stick by the people you came to the party with and show them your support.

Overall, Mei Lee is a character who exudes joy and positivity. Embrace her spirit and have a fun and memorable Halloween party!

Mei Lee Halloween Costume

Mei is a very emotional and enthusiastic young girl. She really likes school and is very passionate to learning, especially math. Pollution is very important to her, as she and her friends are shown campaigns to protest current issues like whale populations and people who need to be stopped. Before she got her powers, she was unworried, heedless and didn't care what people thought of her. She happily says and do whatever she wants, any day, any time. She was also very outgoing, she loved hanging out with her friends. Mei had a very close relationship with her mother Ming.
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