Shego Costume

Shego Costume

You will need the following items for your Shego Halloween costume:

  1. Shego Cosplay Costume
  2. Long Wavy Wig
  3. Black Lipstick

Shego is a villain who works as a criminal mercenary for Dr. Drakken. Since her main job is to steal things for Drakken and protect him from harm, she often has conflicts with Team Possible. Shego is under contract with the scientist, but she has worked with other villains as well.
It's become Shego's signature outfit to wear a black and green bodysuit. Shego cosplay costume includes a black and green bodysuit, and matching gloves. Everything else is optional. You may or not get a long wavy wig, and a pair of matching boots.
It is not fun to cosplay a villain alone. Get some of your friends to dress up as Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable to multiply the fun.

How To Dress Like Shego From Kim Possible

Shego Halloween Costume

Dress like Shego from Kim Possible;

Shego Costume: There is a lot of green in this costume, which makes it easy to be noticed. 

Shego is a woman with a slender build and dark hair, with pale skin and black lips. It is common for Shego to wear a green and black catsuit with an asymmetrical pattern of harlequin-dazzle. Her right glove and right boot are green and left glove and boot are black. 

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