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How To Dress Like Naru From Prey

Naru Prey Halloween Costume

Dress like Naru From Prey;

Prey Naru Costume Set: #1 hide huntress women's Halloween costume Native American Indian dress, #3 Indian maiden costume.

Prey Naru Costume Wig: #2 characters sexy Native American wig.

Prey Naru Costume Weapons: #4 youth wooden bow and arrows with quiver and set of 3 arrows, #5 Native American spear, #6 Native American peace pipe Tomahawk axe.

Prey Naru Costume Makeup: #7 all in one makeup bundle.

Naru Armor: #8 leather arm-guards bracers medieval gauntlet wristband buckle arm armor cuff.

Prey Naru Costume Pant: #9 faux suede jogger pant.

Naru Bag: #10 belt pouch renaissance larp waist bag coin purse.

Prey Naru Costume Boot: #11 Nikki belt wrapped boot.

Naru Halloween Costume

Naru Prey Cosplay

Naru has basic hunting skills as well as deductive skills common among Comanche hunters. She possesses a tomahawk that she has attached to a rope that allows her to retract her weapon after a very effective throw. She is also skilled in medicine and notably carries an orange flower that can heal wounds but also lowers body temperature. Although rarely shown, she is also said to be adept at weaving.

Naru Cosplay

Naru was strongly driven by the need to prove herself to her peers as a worthy slayer, a status the latter largely denied due to her gender. Naru was skilled in combat and very alert, and she used these abilities to narrowly defeat the Feral Predator. Her upbringing as a healer has also given her an extensive knowledge of ethnobotany.

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