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How To Dress Like Taabe From Prey

Taabe Prey Halloween Costume

Dress like Taabe From Prey;

Prey Taabe Costume Accessories: #1 leather wide triple strap cuff wrap gauntlet wristband buckle fastening arm armor cuff, #3 face body paint oil palette, professional flash nontoxic safe tattoo Halloween FX party artist fancy makeup painting kit, #4 leather strap medium brown wide long, #7 Indian thanksgiving native American costume warrior wig.

Prey Taabe Costume Jewelry: #2 caveman bone tooth necklace, #5 Native American-inspired Indian cream beaded breastplate.

Prey Taabe Costume Weapons: #6 boar spear secure-ex sheath, #8 Native American Navajo bone knife 12", #9 laminated recurve American hunting bow archery bow, #11 handmade Damascus steel hatchet tomahawk ax.

Prey Taabe Costume Pant: #10 real Native American handmade cowboy style buck skin beaded suede leather pant.

Prey Taabe Costume Boot: #12 front lace knee-high boot.

Taabe Halloween Costume

Taabe Prey Cosplay

In 1719, somewhere in the northern Great Plains, a Comanche medicine woman named Naru went hunting with her dog, Sarii. She sneaks out, chases a deer and encounters a bear trap, only to be distracted by a "Thunderbird". The bird is actually a spaceship dropping off the terrifying alien called the Predator.

Her brother Taabe, Naru asks her to perform her Kühtaamia just like him, and he reluctantly accepts. Later, Naru is with her mother Aruka and talks about the orange Totsiyaa, a flower used for medicinal purposes that makes the body extremely cold.

Taabe Cosplay

Totsiyaa, Naru learns from it see and Huupi that Puhi is kidnapped by a lion and that they will rescue him. Taabe joins the party, as does the aggressive Wasape, who looks down on Naru.

Taabe allows her to come along due to her tracking and medical skills. They manage to find an injured Puhi right away, but Naru immediately senses something is wrong as the tracks she found do not belong to a lion or a bear as the others believe. As the group carries Puhi away, Taabe decides to split up to search for the lion.

Finding a skinned snake and inhuman marks, Naru leaves to search for Taabe while Wasape sends Paaka to follow her. The three team up and decide to set a trap based on Naru's abilities. Paaka is killed by the mountain lion while Naru is knocked unconscious.

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