Selene Costume Guide

Get ready to channel Selene, the iconic Death Dealer and vampire from the "Underworld" movie series. Known for her fierce and powerful persona, played by Kate Beckinsale, Selene embodies a sleek, alluring, and edgy style. This guide provides a comprehensive look at assembling a Selene costume for Halloween, perfect for fans of the series or anyone wanting to portray a strong, vampiric character. From her metallic black bodysuit to her signature long leather coat and knee-high boots, we’ll cover all the essentials to help you create an authentic Selene look. Embrace the spirit of this vampire warrior for a truly impactful Halloween costume.

Underworld Selene Costume Essentials

How To Dress Like Selene From Underworld

Selene Underworld Halloween Costume

To successfully transform into Selene, the vampire warrior from "Underworld," focus on her distinctive and powerful outfit. Here’s a step-by-step guide to assembling her look.

Creating the Iconic Selene Look:

Step 1: Metallic Black Bodysuit

  • Begin with Selene's foundational garment, the metallic black bodysuit. Ensure it’s form-fitting and has a shiny or leather-like appearance for authenticity.

Step 2: Long Leather Coat

  • Selene’s long leather coat is a signature piece. Find one that’s sleek, fits well, and adds an air of mystery and edginess to the ensemble.

Step 3: Leather Bustier Crop Top

  • Over the bodysuit, wear a black leather bustier crop top. This piece adds depth and a fierce touch to the costume.

Step 4: Short Wavy Wig

  • To capture Selene’s hairstyle, opt for a short, wavy wig if your hair doesn't match her style. Ensure it’s comfortable and resembles her dark, glossy hair.

Step 5: Lace Up Knee High Boots

  • Finish the look with black lace-up knee-high boots. They should be stylish yet practical, mirroring Selene’s readiness for combat.

Underworld Selene Cosplay

Being Selene at a Halloween party means more than dressing the part; it's about capturing her demeanor. Here are five steps to help you act like this formidable vampire.

How to Act Like Selene at a Halloween Party:

Step 1: Confident and Determined Walk

  • Selene moves with purpose and confidence. Walk with poise and assurance, portraying her warrior-like presence.

Step 2: Maintain a Guarded Demeanor

  • As a character always on alert, keep a vigilant and slightly guarded demeanor throughout the event.

Step 3: Show Controlled Emotions

  • Selene is composed and rarely shows her emotions. Keep a cool and controlled expression, reflecting her disciplined nature.

Step 4: Embrace the Warrior Spirit

  • If the occasion arises, such as a party game or contest, display Selene’s warrior spirit by participating with focus and determination.

Step 5: Exude Quiet Strength

  • Selene is known for her quiet strength. Interact with others in a way that shows you’re strong but don’t need to boast about it.

About Selene from "Underworld"

Selene, the central character in the "Underworld" series, is more than just a vampire; she is a symbol of strength, resilience, and complexity. Understanding her character is crucial for anyone looking to accurately portray her.

Character Overview

Background and Personality Traits

  • Origins: Born in Hungary in the 1380s, Selene was turned into a vampire by Elder Viktor after her family's tragedy.
  • Character Evolution: Initially, a loyal Death Dealer, Selene's journey sees her becoming the first Vampire-Corvinus Strain Hybrid.
  • Key Traits: Selene is characterized by her fierce loyalty, combat skills, and emotional resilience.

Role in 'Underworld' Series

  • Fighter and Protector: A skilled warrior, Selene is deeply involved in the vampire-lycan conflict and strives to protect those she cares about.
  • Relationship Dynamics: Her relationships, especially with Michael Corvin and their daughter, add depth to her character.
  • Legacy: Selene evolves from a vengeance-driven warrior to a leader and symbol of new hope for her kind.

Cultural Impact

  • Iconic Female Lead: Selene has become an iconic character in the vampire genre, admired for her strength and complexity.
  • Influence on Vampire Lore: Her character has influenced the portrayal of female vampires in media, emphasizing empowerment and agency.

Portraying Selene from "Underworld" means capturing her essence as a fierce warrior, a dedicated protector, and a character with deep emotional layers. Her evolution from a vengeful vampire to a leader makes her a compelling figure to embody.

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Who Should Consider the Selene Costume Idea

Selecting the right Halloween costume often depends on your personal style and character affinity. The Selene costume from "Underworld" is a powerful choice for certain individuals. Let’s explore who might be best suited for embodying this iconic vampire warrior.

Ideal for Fans of Action and Fantasy

  • Admirers of 'Underworld' Series: Fans of Selene's character and the "Underworld" movies will naturally gravitate towards this costume.
  • Action and Vampire Genre Enthusiasts: Those who enjoy action-packed stories and the vampire genre will find Selene's costume appealing.
  • Individuals with a Strong Presence: If you have a commanding presence and enjoy portraying powerful characters, Selene is an excellent choice.

Perfect for Confident and Bold Personalities

  • Cosplayers Seeking a Strong Female Role: Selene represents a strong, independent female lead, ideal for cosplayers who enjoy embodying such characters.
  • People Who Love Detailed Costumes: If you appreciate costumes with attention to detail and a striking appearance, Selene’s outfit will suit your taste.

Who Should Think Twice About the Selene Costume Idea

While the Selene costume from "Underworld" is impactful, it might not be the perfect fit for everyone. Here are some considerations for those who might rethink choosing this costume.

Considerations for a Different Costume

  • Preference for Lighter or More Colorful Outfits: If you're drawn to more vibrant, colorful, or light-hearted costumes, Selene’s dark, combat-ready look might not appeal to you.
  • Those Unfamiliar with 'Underworld': If you haven't seen the "Underworld" series or aren’t a fan, you might not connect with Selene's character.
  • Comfort Over Style: Selene's costume can be quite form-fitting and elaborate. If comfort is your priority, this might not be the most suitable choice.
  • Introverted Personalities: Given Selene's strong and bold character, more reserved individuals might find it challenging to convincingly portray her.

When choosing a Halloween costume, it's important to consider how well the character aligns with your personal style and comfort level. The best costume is one that not only looks great but also feels right for your personality and the occasion.

Additional Tips

To truly bring Selene from "Underworld" to life, it's not just about the outfit but also about perfecting the finer details. Here are some additional tips to ensure your Selene costume stands out.

Comfort and Authenticity

  • Choose the Right Fit: Ensure the bodysuit and coat are well-fitted for both comfort and authenticity. Selene's attire is sleek but functional.
  • Wig Selection: If using a wig, choose one that is comfortable and resembles Selene’s hair in texture and style.

Attention to Detail

  • Weapon Props: Selene's character often wields guns. Use safe, replica prop weapons to enhance the costume’s realism.
  • Makeup: Opt for a pale foundation to mimic Selene's vampire complexion, with dark eye makeup to accentuate the look.

Safety and Practicality

  • Comfortable Footwear: While Selene wears high-heeled boots, ensure yours are comfortable for extended wear, especially if you plan to be active.
  • Costume Maintenance: Check all elements of your costume before the event to ensure they are secure and ready for a night of fun.

Group Costume Ideas Alongside Selene

Creating a group costume that complements Selene from "Underworld" can make for a memorable Halloween experience. Here are some group costume ideas that feature Selene alongside other characters.

'Underworld' Series Ensemble

  • Michael Corvin: Include the character of Michael, a central figure in the "Underworld" series and Selene’s love interest.
  • Vampire Elders: Adding other vampires or elders from the series can create a striking group theme.

Vampire and Supernatural Theme

  • Other Famous Vampires: Mix characters from different vampire lore like Dracula or modern interpretations from series like "Twilight."
  • Supernatural Beings: Incorporate characters like werewolves or witches for a diverse supernatural group.

Action Heroines Group

  • Lara Croft from 'Tomb Raider': Combine different female action heroes from movies or video games.
  • Black Widow from Marvel: Mixing in other powerful female characters can create a dynamic group of heroines.

These group costume ideas, ranging from an "Underworld" ensemble to a gathering of action heroines or supernatural beings, offer a great way to complement the Selene costume while showcasing a variety of powerful characters. Whether it's a vampire-themed group or a mix of iconic heroines, your group is sure to stand out at any Halloween event.

Selene Costume FAQs

When crafting a Selene costume from "Underworld," various questions might arise about achieving the perfect look and embodying the character. Here are ten FAQs about the Selene costume, complete with answers to assist in your Halloween preparations.

1. How can I find a metallic black bodysuit similar to Selene's? A: Check online retailers specializing in costumes or performance wear for a bodysuit with a shiny, leather-like appearance.

2. What type of long leather coat should I look for? A: Aim for a tailored, sleek leather coat that reaches at least knee-length, similar to Selene's iconic outerwear.

3. Can I use regular makeup to achieve Selene's vampire complexion? A: Yes, use a pale foundation and dark eye makeup. Consider a subtle, smoky eye look to mimic her intense gaze.

4. What kind of boots are best for the costume? A: Look for black, knee-high lace-up boots with a modest heel, combining style and practicality.

5. How do I style my hair like Selene's? A: Selene has short, wavy dark hair. Use a similar wig or style your hair with waves and a glossy finish.

6. Are there alternatives to leather for the costume? A: Yes, you can use faux leather or other materials that give a similar appearance but are more affordable or comfortable.


As we conclude our Selene costume guide from "Underworld," remember that you're not just recreating a look; you're stepping into the role of one of the most powerful vampire characters in modern cinema. This Halloween, as you don the sleek black bodysuit, long leather coat, and knee-high boots, embrace Selene's formidable spirit and the essence that makes her a beloved character.

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