Sweet Tooth Gus Costume

Sweet Tooth Gus Costume

How To Dress Like Gus From Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth Gus Cosplay

Dress like Gus from Sweet Tooth;

Sweet Tooth Gus Shirt: You need a red and black checkered shirt for your Gus from Sweet Tooth cosplay.

Sweet Tooth Gus Vest: A simple brown sleeveless puffer jacket will do the job as Gus's vest.

Sweet Tooth Gus Jeans: Gus wears ripped jeans. 

Sweet Tooth Gus Accessories: To complete your Gus from Sweet Tooth Halloween costume don't forget reindeer headband antlers, deer ears, a leather waist pouch, and a pair of hiker boots.

Sweet Tooth Gus Outfits

Sweet Tooth Gus Halloween Costume

Genetic Unit System 1, known by its human name Gus, is the protagonist of the Netflix series Sweet Tooth. Gus, a 10-year-old child with deer and human genes, was born after a terrible pandemic and grew up in complete isolation his entire life. Shortly after the death of his foster father, Gus has to look for new accommodation and travels with the mysterious Thomas Jepperd to find answers.

Gus was the first human-animal hybrid created by Birdie of Fort Smith in a scientific experiment using living microorganisms. When Birdie realized what she had created, she confided her secret to her closest friend and scientist, Judy. The two kept Gus safe and under the radar as they continued their experiments and observations.

Sweet Tooth Gus Halloween Costume

Gus has a vivid imagination. He created a whole small task force out of straw animals to "help" him with his duties and to keep him company. He then created and "fought" an army of snowmen and later described the encounter with a scarecrow-like construction that would resemble his late Pubba. His imagination helped him stay sane amid the overwhelming loneliness but finally found out that his imaginary friends weren't enough and destroyed them in a fire that also burned Dog quickly before ripping him out of the flames. Gus is generally an extremely optimistic and hopeful person, but occasionally the hardships of his life break and cause him to lose, while he tends to move away and even destroy or throw away things that are very important to him.

At first, Gus was scared of everyone because his adoptive father taught him, but over time, his trust in people grew enough that he could travel with two people. Gus is stubborn too because once he found out where his birth mother might be, he wouldn't stop at anything to get there.

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