Alligator Loki Costume

Alligator Loki Costume

You need the following items for your Alligator Loki Halloween costume:

  1. Plush Crocodile Costume
  2. Loki Horns

How To Dress Like Alligator Loki From Disney+'s Loki

Alligator Loki Cosplay

Dress like Alligator Loki from Loki 2021;

Alligator Loki Costume:  You just need an Alligator costume for your Alligator Loki cosplay. The style of costume is up to you.

Alligator Loki Crown: To complete your Alligator Loki cosplay costume don't forget to get Loki horns and you are good to go.

Alligator Loki Halloween Costume

Alligator Loki Halloween Costume

Alligator Loki is a variant of Loki that was circumcised by the Time Variance Authority because it ate a neighbor's cat and was banished into the void.
One day in the Void, Alligator Loki and Kid Loki, Old Loki, and Boastful Loki came across another variant of Loki.

Alligator Loki escorted Kid Loki, Old Loki, Boastful Loki, and Loki back to their underground hideout while they hid from the Alioth. Alligator Loki plunged into a tank of water in her hiding place while he listened as Loki was overtaken by the other Loki variants.
When Loki decided to pursue the Alioth himself, President Loki and his crew found Loki and others hiding. During the confrontation, alligator Loki jumped up and bit President Loki's delivery. After Boastful revealed to Loki that he had given President Loki their location, Old Loki created a portal to escape. Kid Loki picked up alligator Loki and hopped into the portal, Loki followed him.

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