Dress Like Dustin Henderson From Season 4

Dustin Season 4 Costume


Dustin Henderson Halloween Costume

After a looong wait because of the COVID-19 pandemic, fans finally get what they want (a couple of pictures, and a trailer), but it is better than nothing. Kids are no longer kids, but teenagers. Dustin, in particular, looks like the same except growing up. His outfits are probably haven't shocked anyone, as he still wears nearly the same. We believe all outfits he wears on season 4 will be very popular, just like previous seasons' outfits.   

Dustin Season 4 Outfits

You will need the following items for your Dustin Season 4 costume:

  1. The Hellfire Club T-Shirt For Women  or  Men
  2. Dustin's Season 4 Shirt
  3. Flat-Front Chino Pant
  4. “Thinking Cap” Baseball Cap
  5. Canvas Web Belt
  6. Casio Men's 'Classic' Watch
  7. Reebok Men's Classic Leather Sneaker

Update: Dustin Season 4 Costume Set For Boys

Dress like Dustin this Halloween with a hellfire club t-shirt, his season 4 “thinking cap” cap and his graphic short sleeve shirt.

If you prefer a couple cosplay instead of a solo one, think no more and get your girlfriend to dress up as  Suzie Poo or your best friend as Eddie Munson. If you prefer a group cosplay, Stranger Things + Costume Realm are your best friends. Get the team together to dress up as Eleven, Steve, Mike, Lucas, Nancy, Chrissy, Erica, Max MayfieldLucasErica, and Henry Creel.


How To Dress Like Dustin From Stranger Things Season 4

Dustin Henderson Cosplay

Dress like Dustin from Stranger Things Season 4;

Dustin's Season 4 Outfit: The season 4 of Stranger Things hasn't been aired yet as of writing, but we got some images and rumors. The first episode is rumored to be called “The Hellfire Club”, which makes sense as there are a couple of images now where all boys wear The Hellfire Club shirts. Dustin's Hellfire Club costume is simple, yet you need some specific items: The Hellfire Club shirt, “Thinking Cap” cap, and a graphic short sleeve shirt. Don't worry, we got you covered. You found all necessary items for you.

Dustin's Season 4 Accessories: Accesories side, Dustin's costume hasn't change much, he still wears a Casio watch, and white vintage sneakers.

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