The Butcher Costume

AHS The Butcher Costume

You need the following items for your American Horror Story The Butcher Halloween costume:

  1. Gothic Lace Up Shirt
  2. Renaissance Peasant Bodice
  3. Linen Maxi Skirt
  4. Halloween Bloody Cleaver
  5. Makeup Coagulated Blood
  6. Bourbon Flat Shoes

Dress Like The Butcher From American Horror Story 

Dress Like The Butcher From American Horror Story 

Dress like The Butcher from American Horror Story;

The Butcher Outfit: As the self-claimed leader of the Lost Colony of Roanoke, The Butcher (Kathy Bates) wears colonial-era clothes including a linen shirt, peasant bodice, and linen maxi skirt.

The Butcher Accessories: To complete your The Butcher Halloween costume the most important item you need is a bloody cleaver and stage blood.


AHS The Butcher Halloween Costume

AHS The Butcher Halloween Costume

An aging actress diagnosed with schizoaffective is obsessed with the character of Butcher after portraying her in "My Roanoke Nightmare." When she is disturbed by implication, her eyes can be glared of madness.

Despite her sadistic side, she regrets killing Alissa for having a baby. Thus, Agnes had robbed a baby from her mother, an act she believed to be one of the worst things a person could do.

AHS The Butcher Cosplay

From the moment Agnes made a reservation for the role of Butcher, she felt a strong bond with the character; Enough to obsess over him. His nuanced depiction has garnered rave reviews and has even been nominated for a Saturn Award. Despite this, Agnes has shaped a lot in the portion where she was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder after attacking tourists on the streets of Hollywood. Soon she was hospitalized in Holly Hill, where she was followed by experienced consultants.

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