Moira O’Hara Costume

Moira O’Hara Costume

Dress Like Moira O’Hara From American Horror Story

Dress Like Moira O’Hara From American Horror Story

Dress like Moira O’Hara from American Horror Story:

Moira O’Hara Maid Uniform:  Moira is a seductive, hot, young maid, at least seen like that to straight men. She wears a vintage maid uniform with a white apron. Her uniform is a bit short.

Moira O’Hara Accessories: Moira's maid outfit resembles ones seen in adult movies rather than the real maids. She completes her outfit with sexy black underwear, a visible black bra, fishnet stockings, red lipstick, high heels, and of course feather duster.  

You can go for Moira cosplay for Halloween, Valentine's, and any kind of fancy dress where you want to get more than usual attention.

AHS Moira O'Hara Costume

AHS Moira O'Hara Sexy

Moira O'Hara is the maid of the "Murder House" and was there for many families to stay. Young Moira was portrayed by

She appears to women and gay men as an aging woman with one eye functional, and in a sensible uniform dress, while to other men, she appears as a beautiful, attractive, playful young woman in a short skirt and stockings..

Moira O'Hara Halloween Costume

Pretty, professional, and somewhat "crazy" in her "real" look; she is seductive and manipulative in her younger look; a femme fatale as to be clear. She despises men thinking that they are liars and cheaters. Therefore, she also sympathizes with women who have been deceived like Vivien Harmon. She also has a deep desire to leave the Murder House and is ready to kill or have killed anyone who will keep his remains from going.

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