The Sandman Corinthian Costume

Corinthian Costume

How To Dress Like Corinthian From The Sandman

The Corinthian Outfits

Dress like Corinthian from The Sandman;

Corinthian Costume: For your Corinthian Halloween costume you will need a long sleeve golf shirt, a black pants, a khaki overcoat and black Oxfords shoes.

Corinthian Accessories: To complete your Corinthian look, don't forget to get a shoulder holster, short sword, green oval jewelry and last but not least, vintage sunglasses.

Corinthian Halloween Costume


In the character of Corinth, the dark aspects of man are tried to be explained. The creator of this series, Neil Gaiman, calls the Corinthian character "the black mirror of humanity".

Corinthian leaves the Realm of Dreams and betrays Lord Morpheus. Corinthian begins brutally killing people around the world and leads a community of serial killer.He also has to Escape from Lord Morpheus.

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