Cisco Renaldo Costume

Fast & Furious Cisco Costume

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You need the following items for your Cisco Renaldo Halloween costume:

  1. Olive Green Polo Shirt
  2. Regular Fit Cotton Jean
  3. Black & Green Apple Watch Band
  4. Brown Fanny Pack
  5. Nike Men's Running Shoe

Update: Fart Prank Device

Cisco is a mechanic and a member of Tony's team. He is a passionate, warm-hearted and protective person who enjoys helping others, loved by most people around him.

Cosplay Cisco Renaldo by dressing up in an olive green polo shirt, regular fit jeans, a brown fanny pack and a smartwatch with neon green and black straps.

Pair up with some of your friends to go as the rest of the Fast & Furious characters like Tony Toretto, Layla Gray, Frostee, Echo.

How To Dress Like Cisco Renaldo From Fast & Furious Spy Racers:


Fast and Furious Cisco Halloween Costume

Dress like Cisco Renaldo from Fast & Furious Spy Racers;

Cisco Renaldo Costume: Cisco Renaldo costume idea is a great one if you also want to use the items after the Halloween party.  If you don't already have an olive green polo shirt, regular fit jeans, a brown fanny pack, and black running shoes, you can easily find them at a local retail shop. And finally, don't forget to get a smartwatch with green and black straps.

Cisco Renaldo Halloween Costume

Fast and Furious Cisco

Cisco is a funky but generous mechanic. He somehow loses his ability to speak English when he is stressed or afraid and speaks in a heavy accent or mixes English and Spanish altogether. Most of the time he is the coward of the team, however when others need him, he knows how to stand up and do what has to be done, just as he did in the Sahara. When Cisco is scared, he basically farts, which leads others to also fear.

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