Dress Like The Desire From The Sandman

The Sandman Desire Costume


You will need the following items for your Desire Halloween costume:

  1. V Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit
  2. Short Blonde Wig
  3. Nail Polish
  4. Pearl Earrings
  5. Black Devil Ears
  6. Gold Snake Ring
  7. Black Tail
  8. Real Feather Shrug Shoulder Strap
  9. Black Yoga Pants

Desire is the most brutal character of Infinite. Desire is obsessed with Dream, there is always tension between them. Desire is always malicious in general. You can check out our other The Sandman costume guide to combine this costume with your friends.

The Sandman, Dream, Death, Corinthian, Lucifer, Lucienne, Mervyn Pumpkinhead, Johanna Constantine.


How To Dress Like Desire From The Sandman

The Sandman Desire Cosplay Costume

Dress like Desire from The Sandman;

Desire Costume: For your Desire Halloween costume, you will need a v-neck long-sleeve bodysuit and black yoga pants.

Desire Accessories: To complete your Desire look, don't forget to get a short blonde wig, pearl earrings, a gold snake ring, a black tail and last but not least, a real feather shrug shoulder strap.

The Sandman Desire Halloween Costume

The Sandman Desire Cosplay

Desire is the most violent character in Infinite. They are particularly obsessed with meddling in their older brother Dream's country and affairs. It is unknown how his animosity towards Dream developed after the first incident in Endless Nights. Desire is extremely vicious. In pre-Roman Britain, Desire gave a young woman the charm she needed to attract the attention of the man she loved. In modern times, they doomed each other to a passionate weekend and then hate the existence of the woman they shared. Destruction describes Desire as unreliable, sarcastic, dangerous, and cruel, but not always wrong. Their movements and spontaneity are consistent with their function and nature as creatures of the moment, resulting in their erratic behavior and short memories. Desire sometimes moves in harmony with despair and delirium and is wider than Dream, Death, Fate and destruction. Death attributes this to the three recent Endless games, where the others haven't lost any time.

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