The Walking Dead Princess Costume

The Walking Dead Princess Costume

How To Dress Like Princess From The Walking Dead

How To Dress Like Princess From The Walking Dead

Dress like Princess from The Walking Dead; TWD Princess costume consists of black tank top, blue plaid shirt, pink overcoat, skinny jeans, inflatable gun, backpack, bullet belt, metallic fingerless gloves and purple hair extensions, to complete your Princess costume don't forget to get vintage aviator goggles an military boots.

Juanita Sanchez Halloween Costume

Princess - Juanita Sanchez Halloween Costume

Juanita Sanchez, better known as "Princess", is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. She is a good-natured and energetic individual survivor who Eugene Porter, Ezekiel and Yumiko meet and who will soon be able to join them on their mission. She is portrayed by Paola Lázaro.

Juanita Sanchez - Princess Outfits

Since she has not had much to do with other people for some time, Juanita looks pretty stupid and fascinates the members of the expedition. She admits that she's been alone for over a year and "it's totally shitty" and even wonders if the trio was real or just hallucinations. Regardless, Juanita is open to building trust in the survivors.

Juanita is extremely talkative and easygoing. Despite the seriousness of the situation, she is always ready to joke.

About Juanita Sanchez - Princess From TWD

Juanita also appears to be very childish because she dyed her hair purple and chose a pink fur jacket and safety glasses for fun. She also called herself "Princess" and explains that the term "queen" would make her sound old and presumptuous. Regardless of her luck, she can be taken seriously in combat and easily mow down hikers.
Not much is known about Juanita's life before or at the beginning of the outbreak, but in her own words Juanita described herself as a lonely and socially awkward person who never had any real friends and who was once said to be "hard to love" " Someone, possibly a family member.

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