Dress Like Vector

Vector Costume


You will need the following items for your Vector Halloween Costume:

How To Dress Like Vector From Despicable Me

Victor (Vector) Perkins Despicable Me Halloween Costume

Dress like Vector from Despicable Me;

Vector Costume Glasses: #1 thick square frame clear lens glasses eyeglasses.

Vector Costume Makeup: #2 F/X special effects costume prosthetic big long Cyrano nose.

Vector Costume Wig: #3 short black full bang wig.

Vector Costume Tracksuit: #4 orange tracksuit set.

Vector Gun: #5 red & blue super spinning space toy gun set with flashing lights & sound effects.

Vector Costume Helmet: #6 skateboard cycling helmet.

Vector Costume Accessories: #7 Single letter for laptop, car window or other hard and smooth surface your choice of color & style decals.

Vector Costume Sneaker: #8 Adidas white/orange/black retro high top sneaker.

Vector Halloween Costume

Victor (Vector) Perkins Despicable Me Cosplay

Vector wears an orange and white tracksuit that converts into a flight suit, allowing the owner to fly and a fully functional space suit. His clothes are often mistaken for pajamas by Agnes, much to Vector's annoyance.

He has a pudding bowl haircut, brown eyes, and a sharp nose. He also wears large black glasses. He also gets a slightly swollen stomach that wasn't part of his tracksuit.

Vector Cosplay

The highly intelligent Vector is also overly confident and extremely arrogant. Much like Gru, Vector's arsenal of weapons consists of bizarre items beyond imagination that he often boasts about.

Vector has a rather over-the-top fondness for cookies. As such, he eagerly admits Agnes, Edith, and Margo into his fortress when they arrived to sell it. Vector also seems to have a connection to aquatic life, as he keeps an adult great white shark in a large aquarium in his fortress and uses advanced aquatic-themed weapons like the squid launcher and piranha gun.

He can even be seen watching marine life documentaries on his television at his home. Unlike Gru, Vector has no qualms about kidnapping children and holding them hostage. Even after Gru gives him the moon, he refuses to release Agnes, Edith, and Margo, inciting an enraged Gru to enter the fortress and attempt to attack him.

His father is a spoiled child. His father doted on him and spoke highly of him to God, and Vector was shown on good terms. However, his father can be strict, if not overly strict, when he feels that yielding to his child's every wish more than makes up for his lack of support and genuine parental responsibility.

The lack of parental attention may help support Vector's psychopathic tendencies. Even so, it's unclear whether Vector is willing to commit murder or not. Additionally, Vector's father is shown to be cold to him when he shows incompetence: he angrily points out that Gru reclaimed the Shrink Ray, and scolds Vector for not even knowing about it.

Though Vector may seem like a spoiled and illegitimate villain, it's likely that he's simply trying his best to impress his father by continuing the family legacy of villainy.

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