Villanelle Killing Cosplay Outfits Costume 17

Villanelle Outfits



Villanelle Outfits 3
  1. Levi's 501 Original Shorts
  2. Bow Tie Blouse
  3. Spaghetti Strap Cami Top
  4. Lace-up Combat Boots

Villanelle Tuscan denim shorts: Killing Eve's genius lies in its ability to subvert the spy genre, even as it encompasses some of its most weary tropes. Let's say an assassin riding a motorcycle in biker shorts. Maybe it's the framing or the Chloé blouse, but somehow Villanelle eludes the male looking.


Villanelle Outfits 2

Villanelle the plaid: You have one of Villanelle's most casual outfits: a short-sleeved plaid shirt with contrasting plaid pants that make her look like it. She plans on shedding some blood, but that doesn't mean she has to look bad while doing it.


Villanelle Outfits 4

Villanelle prison: The green button-down and headscarf are way better than the orange jumpsuits you usually see on prison TV shows. I never want to find myself in a prison cell, but I want this view of the free world. Villanelle's prison gown is all about muted tones and a loose-fitting look.


Villanelle Outfits 5

Villanelle polka dot blouse: This is one of the favorite Villanelle outfits. Colored pants or skirts and a flowy blouse are perfect and make the billowy blouse the perfect complement.


Villanelle Outfits 6

Villanelle the fur jacket: The implied Villanelle fur jacket is an imitation of the coat Villanelle wore in the TV series Killing Eve. In the series, Villanelle is a psychopathic assassin working for Konstantin. During a killing spree, Villanelle encounters an MI5 officer named Eve Polastri who is obsessed with Villanelle. Later, Villanelle tries to convince Eve to come with her but fails.
The Jodie Comer fur coat presented here is the production of a high-quality fur coat. Also, the coat features a viscose lining sewn inside to keep you comfortable and reassuring. The specifications of this coat also include a wide collar, open hem cuffs, and an open front.


Villanelle Outfits 8

Villanelle the pink dress: This is a classic and set the standard for Villanelle's personal style going forward: a plump, feminine pink dress that made her look almost innocent, although by that point we already knew she was guilty as hell.


Villanelle Outfits 7

Villanelle the chic professor: Villanelle enjoys playing the role. When she decides to stalk Eve's husband on a school field trip, she chooses a school outfit to match, a draped cable-knit sweater and all.


Villanelle Outfits 9

Villanelle red dress: Fittingly, Villanelle wore a blood-red outfit for her peak version of Eve in Season 2. It's as if she knew there would be no bloodstains on it after all the shootings and stabbings. Fashionable and functional!


Villanelle Outfits 1

However, the flared legs allow for better ballroom dancing. Halpern inspired the suit for her London shops in the '70s.


Villanelle Outfits 11

Villanelle flowing Barcelona floral dress: Arguably the standout look of the season, Villanelle opted for a softer ensemble in the form of a floral floor-length gown from The Vampire's Wife.


Villanelle Outfits 12

Villanelle the horse suit: Villanelle could look dead serious in a horse jacket. She's not wearing any old clothes, but a Chloé suit and an Isabel Marant blouse.


Villanelle Outfits 14

Villanelle the suit that killed Bill: Pantsuits are the ultimate symbol of female empowerment and Villanelle found a way to up the ante by opting for this set from Dries Van Noten, featuring a bold all-over print.
This Dries Van Noten suit. For an extra psychopathic twist, Villanelle combines it with the green scarf she stole from Eve's suitcase.  Whenever the pigtails come out, someone is about to die. In this case, Eve's collaborator, Bill, in a spectacular and chilling way.

She can turn any place into her own catwalk. It's a Berlin nightclub where she wears an elegant suit by Dries Van Noten. Villanelle pairs it with a green zebra print scarf she stole from Eve. Seriously, Villanelle looks so hot that people should know if she's an assassin or not to mess with her. Poor Bill. He follows Villanelle to the club, only to be stabbed for his efforts. In hindsight, she may have been a bit hasty. Maybe he just wanted to ask her where she got her outfit from.


Villanelle Outfits 15

Villanelle pink blouse & skirt: We can't say what's more to die for, Amsterdam's picturesque canals or Villanelle's signature pink outfit. Villanelle's oversized Rosie Assoulin blouse wins hands down. She looks fabulous as always, but any urban jet setter can tie a knot in their blouse.
What makes this Villanelle look so distinctive are these alluring, chunky Christian Lacroix earrings. Her whole look is so gorgeous that a passer-by asked her if she could photograph Villanelle "for my Instagram". Don't be pathetic.


Villanelle Outfits 13

Villanelle sweater: Villanelle had a blast dressing like an American party girl named Billie in Season 2, this rainbow mini dress.


Villanelle Cosplay Outfits Costume 16

When Villanelle agreed to work with Eve and MI6, she decided to take on the role, pairing a striped blazer with office-appropriate trousers and a low-cut white blouse. It's like going undercover as a TV cop.


Villanelle Cosplay Outfits Costume17

After a family reunion in Russia, Villanelle showed off this sleek blue suit she wore to meet Helene.

How To Dress Like Villanelle From Killing Eve

Villanelle Cosplay

Villanelle Outfits: Black slim fit camisole, cardigan jacket work office blazer, wine red plaid suits, platform boots, and palazzo pants wide leg.

However, the flared legs allow for better ballroom dancing. You can expect just as many edgy looks, carefully curated by new costume designer Sam Perry, who will follow in the footsteps of Phoebe de Gaye in the first series and Charlotte Mitchell in the second. For her stunning style, Perry blended designer pieces with a vintage find to create a retro-bohemian aesthetic that harks back to the past and is heavily inspired by a '70s mood board.

Villanelle Halloween Costume

Villanelle Halloween Costume

Her appearance is very important to Villanelle. She has dark blonde hair, large, alert cat eyes, smooth, light skin, and a slim figure. She is said to have delicate facial features, but full lips, a long neck, and high cheekbones. Also, Eve Polastri says she has a direct and cool look in her eyes and is totally focused but almost totally distant.

Villanelle Cosplay

Villanelle has cold brutality beneath her innocent-looking exterior. She lives happily outside of any human moral code and kills with flair, ruthlessness and absolutely no conscience.

Villanelle can be adorable, warm, cool, playful, funny, scary, vulnerable, impenetrable, anything you want her to be. She's a problem and takes great delight in pushing the boundaries with her ever-patient guide, Constantine.

Paid for with a lifestyle; with a comfortable life, an apartment of her own, and a wardrobe to literally kill for, Villanelle roams the streets of Paris freely.

Villanelle comes across as charismatic and charming on the outside, funny, polite and engaging, but she has a look in her eyes that seems to last forever. Something dark that is difficult to name. It's impossible to know what she's thinking or feeling because something's missing.

Her ego demands that she feel invincible and indispensable, and then there's a certain type of woman. Early 40s, dark thick hair, no makeup, ill-fitting clothes, a quiet friendliness.

Her emotions can get the best of her when trying to communicate with the few people she has formed connections with, as she is not used to the skills required to maintain a normal adult relationship. Any or all of these things could lead them to orchestrate their own downfall.

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