Robin Costume

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Red Robin Costume


Robin Costume

Robin Costume

You need the following items for your Robin from Batman the Animated Series Halloween costume:

  1. Robin Logo T-Shirt
  2. Green T-Shirt
  3. Sport 3/4 Tights in Green
  4. Robin Cape
  5. Batman Belt
  6. Robin Gloves
  7. Super Hero Mask
  8. Black Knee High  Boots


Batman Cosplay Ideas

How To Dress Like Red Robin From Batman

Red Robin Tim Drake Cosplay

Dress like Red Robin from Batman:

Red Robin Costume: After being replaced by Demain Wayne Tim Drake started wearing the Red Robin costume which consists of black leather-like pants, a red long sleeve muscle top, and a black cape.

Red Robin's Utility Belt: Robin is one of the few people who wear the utility belt originally designed for Batman. Although seemingly inconspicuous, the utility belt is one of Batman's most important crime-fighting tools.

Red Robin's Weapons: Robin uses a batarang is which a roughly bat-shaped thrown ranged alternative to firearms. Robin also uses a battle staff. The battle staff is used by most Robins, especially Tim Drake.

Red Robin Halloween Costume

Red Robin Tim Drake Halloween Costume

Tim Drake aka Tim Wayne is a vigilante and a member of the Batman Family. He became the 3rd Robin at a young age, succeeding Jason Todd as Batman's sidekick. Eventually, he would be forced to give up the identity of Robin and wear Red Robin's costume when he was replaced by Damian Wayne.

Red Robin Cosplay

Tim thought Bruce was still alive after seeing a painting of his ancestor Mordecai Wayne at Wayne Manor and considered that Bruce was someway lost in time, although no one believed him. Enraged that Damian Wayne was chosen as the new Robin, Tim left Gotham for Europe to look into Bruce's disappearing and formally committed to the alias change he was attempting during the riots. Tim traded in his Robin costume for a new one and slipped into the role of Red Robin - considering he can now work more maturely without overwhelming an existing icon. In Paris, Tim was reached by Ra's al Ghul who wanted to help Red Robin on his quest of finding Bruce. With the help of the League of Assassins, Tim found an old cave painting that proved Bruce had survived the lost war and an ambush by the mysterious Council of Spiders.
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