Dress Like Vito Scaletta

 Vito Scaletta Costume


How To Dress Like Vito Scaletta From Mafia

Vito Scaletta Mafia Halloween Costume

Vito Scaletta Costume: Leather flight bomber jacket, black long sleeve button shirt, pants, vintage leather belt, and Dockers dress loafer shoe.

Vito Scaletta Halloween Costume

Vito Scaletta Mafia Cosplay

You will see him in a nice bomber jacket. This jacket has a shirt collar with a fur lining to keep you comfortable. It has a front zip closure to keep you comfortable while cycling the difference is that it has full rib-knit sleeves to keep you warm. It has two pockets at the waist to keep your belongings with you. If you get bored of wearing the same black jacket over and over again, you can reach for our light brown Scaletta jacket.

Vito Scaletta Cosplay

Vito was born in San Martino, Sicily, in 1925 into a very poor family. At the age of seven, his father decided to move the family to America to start a new life there. Unfortunately, even in Empire Bay, they could not escape poverty. He watched his father work his way into an early grave and soon decided that life within the law was not for him.

Vito is the strong, smart, calm type. He has seemingly strong morals; he doesn't kill because he wants to, but because he knows he has to. Vito doesn't aspire to be the Don; He just wants some money and some respect so he can help his family. Vito seems to genuinely care about those who helped him, but when he is released from prison he seems to grow colder.

Growing up on the streets, Vito crossed paths with Joe Barbaro, a loud-mouthed bully who eventually became his best friend. Vito and Joe were the brains and brawn behind a hundred petty crimes, all the while watching the wealthy neighborhood gangsters and dreaming of the good life. As an adult, Vito is determined to make something of himself at any cost.

After his arrest in 1943, Vito faces a choice between going to prison and joining the US Army. Vito chooses the army and is assigned to the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment. On July 11, 1943, Vito and his squad were en route to southern Italy when their plane was hit by flak and crashed. Outnumbered and behind enemy lines, they join forces with the local resistance to liberate the city of San Celeste. In the midst of battle, Don Calò, the head of the Sicilian mafia, arrives and orders the Italian soldiers to surrender out of respect for him.

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