Dress Like Deadshot

Deadshot Costume


How To Dress Like Deadshot From Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad Deadshot Costume

Dress like Deadshot;

Deadshot Costume: For your Deadshot Halloween costume, you will need Military Cargo Pants a Thermal Shirt, a Roost Guard and Tactical Boots.

Deadshot Accessories: To complete your Deadshot look, don't forget to geta Suicide Squad Deadshot Mask, a Tactical Leg Holster, Tactical Knee Pads and last but not least, a air gun.

Deadshot Halloween Costume

Suicide Squad Deadshot Halloween Cosplay Costume

Deadshot is portrayed as an excellent professional: as long as he's being paid to kill someone, he will always do it ruthlessly, except for women and children. He is also cynical and has a personal way of being paid for doing his job, and when offended he becomes even more threatening to his employers, as shown by his demanding more of the original payoff for his job because he wants to double the original payout because he is his "customer". In addition to his sarcasm, he has an incredibly tough demeanor and can work under the highest pressure.

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