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William Wallace (1272? - 1305) was a Scottish citizen whose nation was under the rule of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England. His father owned a piece of land that set the family apart from other commoners. When William was a young boy, his father Malcolm and older brother John went to a peace summit between Scottish nobles and the English.

Unfortunately the meeting was a trap and all the Scottish participants - even the children - were hanged. Malcolm and John were too late to discover the grisly scene, William followed them and was traumatized when he came and saw all the dead Scots, a memory he would carry with him for the rest of his life.

How To Dress Like William Wallace From Braveheart

William Wallace Cosplay

Dress like William Wallace from Braveheart

William Wallace is a Scottish hero. By dressing like him, you will both draw attention and look like a real warrior. To dress like him, you need a William Wallace wig, checkered skirt, leather armor, viking shield, leather bracers and medieval boots.

Of course, you should not forget to take William Wallace's sword and face paint to complete the costume.

William Wallace Cosplay

William Wallace Halloween Costume

Malcolm and John went off to fight the English, leaving William to tend the farm. They were both killed by the English. Their bodies were recovered and brought home by Malcolm's friend Campbell. After the funeral, Malcolm's brother, Argyle Williams, became guardian. William accompanied Argyle on his travels throughout Europe, including Rome.

Growing up, Wallace was a tall, muscular man. who scholars believed was seven feet tall. At the age of 25 he killed an English sheriff who murdered his wife Murron, whom he had secretly married to avoid her being raped by an English lord because Edward declared all new Scottish brides prima nocta.

William Wallace Halloween Costume

Wallace became an outlaw after the death of his wife. He commanded a powerful band of rebels and fought against the English armies. It is said that his greatest victory took place in the city of Stirling, where Wallace led a group of spearmen to victory against King Edward's cavalry.

Edward then personally led his army into battle against Wallace in the town of Falkirk. Although the conscripts from Ireland betrayed Longshanks and fought for the Scots, he thwarted Wallace's support of the Scottish nobles by bribing the nobles Mornay and Lochlan and allowing him to defeat the rebels.

William escaped death at Falkirk but was captured seven years later when the Scottish nobles betrayed him to the English. William was tried, tortured and executed by the English. His remains were scattered to the four corners of the British Isles as a warning to other rebels.

Seven years after William's death, Robert the Bruce and his army met a larger English army at Bannockburn. The English expected Bruce to kiss their ass when he did homage to the English throne. Robert the Bruce had other ideas, telling his army "You bled with Wallace! Now bleed with me!" The Bruce and the Scottish Army attacked the English Army, beginning the Battle of Bannockburn. Despite being outnumbered and starving, the Scots prevailed and ensured Scotland remained independent for a few hundred more years.

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