Wirt Costume Guide

Embark on a magical journey this Halloween with a costume inspired by the animated series "Over the Garden Wall." In this guide, you will discover how to create a captivating and authentic Wirt costume, one of the main characters from the show. This costume is not only unique and recognizable but also a delightful nod to the whimsical world of Wirt and his adventures. Let's dive into transforming you into Wirt, capturing the essence of his character for a memorable Halloween experience.

Items You Will Need

How To Dress Like Wirt From Over The Garden Wall

Wirt Halloween Costume

Stepping into Wirt's shoes (or mismatched footwear, to be precise) is a journey into a sartorial blend of the ordinary and the extraordinary. His attire is as unique as his adventures, combining everyday wear with a touch of the fantastical. Follow these five simple steps to capture Wirt's iconic look.

  1. Cape and Shirt: Begin with Wirt's signature navy blue cape, adorned with bright yellow buttons. Underneath, wear a classic, long-sleeve white dress shirt - the foundation of Wirt's understated yet memorable outfit.
  2. Pants and Suspenders: Pair the shirt with grey classic-fit chino pants, ensuring they reach just above your ankles for authenticity. Add charcoal X-back suspenders for that quintessential Wirt look.
  3. The Red Gnome Hat: Perhaps Wirt's most distinctive accessory, the red gnome hat can be crafted from an old Santa hat. Modify it to a pointy shape to mimic Wirt's iconic headwear.
  4. Mismatched Footwear: Embrace Wirt's quirky side with mismatched shoes - a steel gray cap toe Oxford on one foot and a black cap toe Oxford on the other. Remember to leave them untied, just as Wirt does.
  5. Final Touches: To complete the ensemble, consider adding prop items like a small lantern, mirroring Wirt's journey through the woods.

Wirt Cosplay

Wirt Cosplay Halloween Costume

Embodying Wirt at a Halloween party isn't just about the costume; it's about capturing his essence. Wirt is a complex character, often wavering between pessimistic and whimsical. Here's how you can bring his character to life.

How to act like Wirt at the Halloween party?

  1. Pensive and Worried: Wirt often finds himself in the throes of anxiety. Practice furrowing your brow and looking off into the distance, as if lost in thought or worry.
  2. Awkward and Shy: Embrace Wirt's awkwardness. Be a bit hesitant in your movements and interactions, often second-guessing yourself, to truly embody his character.
  3. Protective Big Brother: If you have a Greg at your party, show your protective side. Be attentive and occasionally exasperated, just like Wirt with his little brother.
  4. Poetic Soul: Wirt loves poetry. Try reciting some whimsical lines or make up your own to reflect his artistic side.
  5. Moment of Bravery: Despite his fears, Wirt shows moments of courage. Stand up for your friends or speak out against a "Beast" at the party to show this side of his character.

About Wirt

About Wirt

Wirt, the central figure in "Over the Garden Wall," is portrayed with depth and sensitivity by Elijah Wood. He navigates the enigmatic realm known as the Unknown, leading viewers through a story rich in growth and discovery.

Character Traits: Wirt stands in contrast to his half-brother, Greg. While Greg exudes spontaneity and joy, Wirt often displays seriousness and a tendency towards obstinacy. These traits, while sometimes problematic, add layers to his personality.

Evolution and Relationships: As the series progresses, Wirt reveals a profound sense of kindness and bravery. His protective nature towards Greg highlights a deep brotherly bond, enriching the narrative.

Relatability and Growth: Wirt's journey is one of overcoming despair and fear. His evolution from a pessimistic youth to a character of resilience and poetic depth makes him both relatable and inspiring.

Read more about Wirt on:

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Ideal Candidates for Wirt's Costume

Wirt Cosplay

Subtle Story Lovers: Ideal for those who revel in the artistry of animation and storytelling. If your Halloween spirit leans towards embodying characters from beautifully crafted narratives like "Over the Garden Wall," Wirt is a perfect choice.

Nostalgic Souls: This costume will appeal immensely to those who hold a fondness for the nostalgic elements of the series, bringing back memories of watching Wirt’s adventures.

Introverted Personalities: If you’re someone who connects with characters that are more introspective and reserved, Wirt’s costume offers a comfortable yet expressive Halloween option.

Who Might Hesitate to Choose Wirt's Costume

Dress Like Wirt

Pop Culture Enthusiasts: I suggest that if your preference lies in portraying characters from current, widely-known franchises, Wirt’s costume, rooted in a specific niche series, might not meet your expectations for recognition at a Halloween event.

The Comedic and Flamboyant: For those who lean towards costumes that are overtly humorous or visually striking, Wirt's understated and complex character might not align with your desired Halloween expression. This costume is more about capturing the subtleties of a character rather than making a bold, comedic impact.

Additional Tips for Wirt's Costume

Wirt Dress Up

To enhance your Wirt costume:

  • Skin Tone and Facial Features: If using makeup to recreate Wirt's pale complexion, opt for a light foundation. Accentuate his large eyes and pointy nose with eyeliner and eyeshadow.
  • Hair and Hat: For Wirt’s dark hair, a wig with pointed bangs, darker than your natural color, can be used. To achieve the floppy tip of the red gnome hat, consider using wire or a flexible material.
  • Cape and Pants: Age the cape and pants with tea staining for an authentic, worn look. Ensure the cape’s yellow buttons are prominent.
  • Shoes and Posture: Practice walking in mismatched shoes to avoid discomfort. Embrace Wirt’s slightly hunched and hesitant posture for added authenticity.

Group Costume Ideas Alongside Wirt

Wirt and Greg

For a group costume:

  • Wirt and Greg: A classic duo, with one dressing as Wirt and another as his cheerful brother, Greg. Greg's costume includes a teapot hat, a cape, and a frog named Jason Funderburker.
  • Extended Cast: Include Beatrice, the talking bluebird, the Woodsman, or Sara for a larger group.
  • Props and Setting: Incorporate props like the Woodsman’s lantern or a faux frog to bring the story to life. Create a backdrop of the Unknown's mystical forest for group photos.

Whether you choose to pair up or gather a group, staying in character will make your Halloween memorable.

Wirt Costume FAQs

  1. Can I make Wirt’s cape myself? Yes, you can craft Wirt's cape using navy blue fabric and sewing on yellow buttons. Add a hood for authenticity.
  2. Where can I find a red gnome hat like Wirt’s? Look for a red Santa hat and modify it to a pointy shape, or search costume shops for a similar gnome hat.
  3. How do I mimic Wirt's voice? Practice speaking in a soft, hesitant tone, reflecting Wirt's introspective nature.
  4. Any tips for Wirt's awkward body language? Emulate Wirt's character by adopting a slightly slouched posture and hesitant movements.
  5. What should I use for the lantern prop? A small, vintage-style lantern, either a prop or a functioning one, will work well.
  6. What if I can't find grey pants like Wirt's? Any grey pants can be hemmed or rolled up to achieve the right look.
  7. How do I create Wirt’s cape buttons? Use large yellow buttons, or paint buttons yellow, and sew them onto the cape.


Dressing as Wirt from "Over the Garden Wall" offers a unique opportunity to delve into a character rich in depth and nuance. With a blend of homemade craft and store-bought items, you can bring Wirt's character to life in an authentic and memorable way. Remember, the key to a successful costume is not just in the clothing but in embracing the spirit of the character. So this Halloween, step into the shoes of Wirt, and enjoy embodying this beloved character from a cherished animated series.

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