Dress Like Wirt

Are you a fan of the animated series Over the Garden Wall? If you're looking for a unique and recognizable Halloween costume, why not dress up as Wirt, one of the main characters from the show? Here's a guide on how to put together a Wirt Halloween costume:

Wirt Costume


You will need the following items for your Wirt Halloween costume:

  1. Over The Garden Wall Wirt Cape
  2. Long Sleeve Dress Shirt
  3. Grey Classic-Fit Chino Pant
  4. Red Gnome Hat
  5. Charcoal X Back Suspender
  6. Steel Gray Cap Toe Oxford
  7. Black Cap Toe Oxford
  8. Wirt Halloween Costume

Wirt, portrayed by Elijah Wood, serves as the protagonist of Over the Garden Wall. He is the half-brother of Greg, but unlike his sibling, he has a serious demeanor and is prone to being obstinate. This trait of his can lead him into problematic situations.

To embody Wirt's appearance, you can put on a navy blue cape, a buttoned-up white or beige shirt, grey pants that reach your ankles, and a pointed gnome hat.

To make your Wirt costume more authentic, it's recommended to pair up with someone who dresses up as Greg. By doing so, you'll create the best male couple costume that will surely leave a lasting impression.

How To Dress Like Wirt From Over The Garden Wall

Wirt Halloween Costume

Clothing: Wirt is known for his distinctive outfit, which includes a navy-blue cape with yellow buttons, simple gray pants that reach his ankles, suspenders, and a classic buttoned-up white shirt. You can purchase these items at a costume store, or you may already have some of these items in your closet. To make Wirt's pointed gnome hat, you can use an old red Santa hat and modify it with a few adjustments.

Footwear: Wirt wears two different types of shoes, with his left shoe being dark gray/brown and the other being black. They are commonly left untied, so make sure to leave your shoes untied for added authenticity.

Hair and makeup: Wirt's hair is dark brown, with pointed bangs that cover the majority of his forehead. You can either style your own hair or purchase a wig to match Wirt's hairstyle. For makeup, you can use black eyeliner to draw on Wirt's pointy nose and enhance your eyes with black pupils.

Accessories: To complete the Wirt look, you may want to add some finishing touches. Wirt has large ears, so you can purchase fake ears to attach to your own. You can also carry a lantern to mimic the one that Wirt carries throughout the show.

Overall, dressing up as Wirt from Over the Garden Wall is a unique and recognizable Halloween costume that is perfect for fans of the show. With a few items of clothing, some makeup, and a little bit of creativity, you can easily put together a Wirt costume that is sure to impress.

Wirt Cosplay

If you're planning on dressing up as Wirt for Halloween, you have a great opportunity to embrace the character's complex personality and mannerisms. Here are a few tips on how to fully embody Wirt's demeanor:

  1. Embrace his pessimistic yet childlike attitude. Wirt is a character who is often overwhelmed by his circumstances, but he also has a playful and whimsical side to him. Try to balance these two traits in your behavior and mannerisms throughout the party.
  2. Don't be afraid to show vulnerability. Wirt is a character who struggles with self-doubt and insecurity. If you feel comfortable, try to show these emotions in your behavior and interactions with others. It's okay to be vulnerable, and it might even help you connect with others who can relate to your struggles.
  3. Be considerate of others. Wirt is a character who learns to prioritize the needs of others over his own desires. If you can, try to be a good listener and show empathy towards others at the party. This will not only make you feel more in character, but it will also help you connect with others and have a more enjoyable time.
  4. Stay true to Wirt's physical appearance. Don't forget about the visual aspects of your costume, such as the red pointed gnome hat, navy blue cape with yellow buttons, and simple grey pants with suspenders. These details will help you fully embody the character and make your costume stand out.

Overall, dressing up as Wirt for Halloween is a great opportunity to embrace a unique and complex character. By embracing Wirt's personality and mannerisms, you can have a fun and memorable night while fully embodying the character.

Wirt Halloween Costume

Wirt, a slender and tall boy, sports a red pointed hat made from an old Santa hat. His outfit consists of a navy blue cape fastened with yellow buttons, grey pants that extend to his ankles, suspenders, and a white button-up shirt. His dark brown hair has pointed bangs that cover the majority of his forehead, while his large ears, a pointy nose, and round eyes give him a distinctive appearance. He has two different types of shoes, with one being dark gray and the other black, which are commonly seen untied throughout the series.

About Wirt From Over The Garden Wall

Wirt exhibits both a naive, childish side as well as a pessimistic outlook in Over the Garden Wall. Despite his perceptiveness, he is still easily frightened as a kid. Throughout the story, he must struggle to maintain his optimism in difficult situations. Wirt eventually succumbs to despair, abandoning any hope of escaping the Unknown due to his tendency towards negative thinking, which allowed the Beast to drag him down. However, Wirt's playful and childlike qualities are embodied by his younger brother, Gregory.

Chapter nine reveals Wirt's tendency to magnify everything, especially when it comes to Greg's actions, such as giving a tape to girls during a football game or how Sara's friends and partygoers know him. This results in him claiming that his life is ruined and blaming Greg, ultimately refusing to talk to Sara about his feelings. This behavior complicates his interactions with her and leads to his predicament in the Eternal Garden. During his fight with the Beast, Wirt realizes that analyzing his problems while remaining kind to others allows him to calmly and confidently find solutions. Previously, when consumed by anxiety and uncertainty, he could only imagine the worst-case scenarios and became angry, fixating on his problems.

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