Dress Like Ziggy Berman

Are you ready to transform into the ultimate survivor of Fear Street's Camp Nightwing? Ziggy Berman is a tough and rebellious character who is a perfect Halloween costume for fans of the Netflix horror trilogy. In this post, we'll guide you through creating the ultimate Ziggy Berman costume using some key items that will make you stand out at any Halloween party.

Ziggy Berman Costume


You will need the following items for your Ziggy Berman Halloween costume:

  1. Strappy Crop Top
  2. High Waist Cuffed Corduroy Shorts
  3. Long Wavy Wig
  4. Turquoise Socks
  5. Nike Tennis Shoes
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How To Dress Like Ziggy Berman From Fear Street

Ziggy Berman Costume

Firstly, let's start with the clothing. Ziggy is known for her rebellious style and love of crop tops and shorts. A strappy crop top and brown corduroy shorts will give you the perfect Ziggy look. Not only is it comfortable, but it's also a practical choice for any Halloween party. The strappy crop top is perfect for dancing, and the shorts are perfect for running away from any potential axe murderers.

Next up, the hair. Ziggy's long, ginger wavy hair is an essential part of her character. If you're not blessed with ginger locks, don't worry. A long ginger wavy wig is an easy and affordable solution to achieve the look. Style the wig with a center part and loose waves for an effortless look.

To complete the Ziggy Berman look, you'll need some accessories. Ziggy wears a pair of turquoise socks and white tennis shoes in the movie. This may seem like an odd combination, but it fits perfectly with Ziggy's rebellious character. The socks and shoes will keep your feet comfortable while you're running away from any potential danger.

Finally, don't forget the makeup. Ziggy has a natural look with minimal makeup in the movie. Keep it simple with a touch of mascara and some lip balm. However, if you want to add some extra edge to the look, you can use some black eyeliner to create a smudged look around the eyes.

Ziggy Berman Costume

Ziggy Berman Halloween Costume
In Fear Street: 1978, Deena and Josh visit Berman's house for help and start talking about how she survived the Camp Nightwing massacre. Ziggy tells them the story and the movie goes back to 78. Ziggy is hung from a tree by the Sunnyvalers, who tried to burn her, until young Nick Goode helps her and takes her back to camp. She goes to Sister Lane who is carrying a notebook of where the witch's hand could be to avenge the death of her late daughter Ruby Lane until she became possessed after stitching up Ziggy's arm. She then gets into a brief argument with her sister about how bad things have gotten in their life after the family fell apart, and later sets a trap for Sheila to get revenge, but is visited by Nick, who offers her a better one Offer makes an idea how to help remove the bugs from the science room.

In conclusion, dressing up as Ziggy Berman is the perfect Halloween costume for fans of the Fear Street trilogy. With some key items like a strappy crop top, brown corduroy shorts, a long ginger wavy wig, turquoise socks, and white tennis shoes, you can easily transform into the ultimate survivor of Camp Nightwing. Don't forget to complete the look with some natural makeup or edgy black eyeliner.

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