Berlin Costume Guide

  • Difficulty: 3/10
  • Can you build it from your own wardrobe: Maybe/partially. Several essentials could be found in your closet.
  • Scare factor: 1/10 (Berlin is more about suave demeanor than outright scares)
  • Cost: $$$$$

Berlin, one of the most enigmatic and commanding characters in the hit series Money Heist, oozes sophistication and a touch of madness. With his impeccable style, unwavering confidence, and darkly humorous wit, he leaves a lasting impression on viewers. If you're a fan looking to embody Berlin's charisma for your next Berlin costume gathering or Halloween party, you've come to the right place.

Berlin Costume Essentials

  • Classic Berlin Look

  • Berlin's Wedding Look

You will need the following items for your Berlin La Casa De Papel Wedding Costume:

  1. Beige Wedding Tuxedo Suit Set
  2. White Dress Shirt
  3. Wedding Ring
  4. Black Suit Belt
  5. Kentucky Colonel Tie
  6. Black Dress Shoes

How To Dress Like Berlin

How To Dress Like Berlin From Money Heist: La Casa De Papel

Berlin's style is a perfect blend of classic elegance and a hint of eccentricity. With simple and refined wardrobe elements, you can transform your look to capture his charismatic essence. Let's break down the key components of his attire for your Berlin costume.

  • Wool Suit Vest

    • What You Need: A well-fitted, brown wool suit vest.
    • How to Do It: Opt for a traditional single-breasted style in a warm brown tone. For extra authenticity, find a vest with a subtle herringbone pattern.
    • Bonus Tip: If you don't own a brown vest, black can work with careful styling, but the brown is his signature look.
  • White Dress Shirt

    • What You Need: A classic white dress shirt, crisply ironed.
    • How to Do It: Any wrinkle-free white dress shirt will work. Ensure it's tucked in neatly for a polished look.
    • Bonus Tip: French cuffs and cufflinks add a touch of Berlin's sophistication.
  • Black Dress Pants

    • What You Need: Simple, well-fitting black dress pants.
    • How to Do It: Choose a pair that sits nicely at the waist. A subtle taper through the leg provides a modern touch.
    • Bonus Tip: Keep the pants free of wrinkles, and the crease sharp for that tailored appearance.
  • Navy Necktie

    • What You Need: A plain navy blue necktie.
    • How to Do It: Avoid flashy patterns or ties that are too wide. Opt for a solid navy colour in a medium width.
    • Bonus Tip: A subtly textured tie adds depth to the look.
  • Accessories

    • What You Need: A gold watch, red wine glass, optional music box (if you want a La Casa De Papel Berlin costume)
    • How to Do It: Berlin's watch is luxurious but not overly ostentatious. A vintage-style or classic chronograph works beautifully. The red wine glass should be stemmed, filled with a prop liquid to resemble wine.
    • Bonus Tip: If you can find a small, elegant music box playing "Bella Ciao," you've nailed the details!

With these basic wardrobe pieces and accessories, you'll have the foundation for your Berlin costume. And don't forget the most important piece of any successful costume: attitude. Stay tuned for our next section, where we'll tackle how to bring Berlin's personality to life!

Berlin Cosplay

Money Heist: La Casa De Papel Berlin Cosplay Costume

You've got the look perfected, but to truly pull off your Berlin costume, you need to embody his charisma and complex nature. Let's break down some essential behaviors to help you master this enigmatic character.

How to Act Like Berlin at the Halloween Party

Embrace Confidence

  • What to Do: Project an air of unshakable self-belief.
  • How to Do It: Stand tall, maintain excellent posture, and make steady eye contact. Speak with a clear, authoritative voice.
  • Bonus Tip: Practice confident poses and gestures beforehand; Berlin knows he commands attention.

Exhibit Sarcastic Wit

  • What to Do: Employ a touch of dark humor and playful mockery.
  • How to Do It: Deliver wry observations and comments with a smirk. Poke fun at yourself and others in a lighthearted, but slightly biting manner.
  • Bonus Tip: Familiarize yourself with some of Berlin's most iconic lines from the show for inspiration.

Take Charge

  • What to Do: Assume a subtle leadership role.
  • How to Do It: Suggest activities or games for the party. Initiate conversations and guide them in the direction you'd like. Don't be afraid to make subtle commands.
  • Bonus Tip: Remember, Berlin is assertive but not pushy. Maintain a balance between charm and a hint of intimidation.

Be the Gracious Host

  • What to Do: Display impeccable manners and charm.
  • How to Do It: Extend warm welcomes, offer drinks, and ensure your guests are entertained.
  • Bonus Tip: Even in moments of arrogance, Berlin maintains a level of refinement.

Let Loose (Calculatedly)

  • What to Do: Show your willingness to have a good time.
  • How to Do It: Take part in party games, laugh, and dance... but remember, Berlin always manages to exude an air of control, even when he lets his hair down.
  • Bonus Tip: A mischievous glint in your eye will accentuate Berlin's unpredictable fun side.

By incorporating these aspects of Berlin's personality, you'll take your costume to the next level. Remember, it's about striking that perfect balance of unwavering confidence, dark humor, charm, and a touch of calculated recklessness. Now go out there and own the party like the captivating Berlin!

Couple, Group, and Family Costume Ideas

Transform your Halloween gathering into your own mini-heist with these Berlin-inspired couple and group costume combinations. Think iconic pairings, rivalries, and unexpected duos for extra impact!

Couple Costume Ideas

  • Berlin & The Professor (Sergio): The power struggle between mastermind and loose cannon makes for a dynamic duo. Play up the contrast between Berlin's tailored elegance and the Professor's more understated academic look.

  • Berlin & Nairobi: Capture the fiery relationship between these strong-willed characters. Nairobi's bold confidence in her jumpsuit against Berlin's suit creates an electrifying visual combination.

  • Berlin & Tokyo: Embody the chaotic energy of a heist with this explosive pairing. Channel Tokyo's edgy flair alongside Berlin's controlled intensity. (Bonus: Throw in a Rio for a love triangle element)

Group Costume Ideas

  • The Royal Mint Heist Crew: Assemble the core Berlin costume, then have friends portray Tokyo, Nairobi, Rio, Denver, etc. Each character has a distinct style from the iconic red jumpsuits and Dali masks.

  • The Professor's Masterminds: A more subtle option focuses on the civilian looks of the planning team. The Professor, Lisbon (Raquel Murillo), Berlin, Palermo, and others can be recreated with smart-casual attire for a less obvious yet clever group theme.

  • Rival Heist Crews: Expand the universe by drawing inspiration from similar shows. Pair your Money Heist crew with characters from "Ocean's Eleven" or even "Lupin" for a crossover theme.

Family Costume Ideas

  • The Heist Through the Ages: Dress younger family members in vintage clothing to symbolize past heists led by Berlin, while adults don the classic red jumpsuits for a present-day robbery theme.

  • Berlin's Inner Circle: If a parent portrays Berlin, kids can become characters with ties to his backstory (as seen in flashbacks). His ex-wives, sons, or other past associates offer creative options.

This is just a taste of the possibilities! The cast of Money Heist provides a wealth of inspiration. Experiment with groupings based on character dynamics or costume similarities for a truly unforgettable Halloween event with your Berlin costume as a star!

About Berlin

Andrés de Fonollosa, better known by his alias Berlin, is a complex and charismatic jewel thief who serves as a secondary leader of the Royal Mint of Spain heist in Money Heist. His unwavering self-assurance, dark humor, and unpredictable nature make him one of the series' most compelling and controversial figures.

Character Overview

  • Role in Money Heist: Berlin is The Professor's second-in-command and older brother. He commands the heist inside the Royal Mint, maintaining order among hostages and robbers alike.
  • Played By: Pedro Alonso

Background and Personality Traits

  • Personality: A narcissist with a terminal illness, Berlin craves excitement and displays a mix of charm, cruelty, and a strangely unwavering code of ethics. He enjoys psychological games and is both fiercely loyal to his accomplices and capable of brutal action if crossed.
  • Appearance: Berlin exhibits a meticulous sense of style with perfectly tailored suits, fine watches, and an air of old-world sophistication.

Role in the Story

  • Master Manipulator: Berlin navigates the intense situations within the Royal Mint, manipulating hostages and fellow robbers to maintain a semblance of control.
  • The Loose Cannon: His impulsive actions and tendency to disregard The Professor's plans make him a thrilling element of unpredictable danger within the heist.

Cultural Impact

  • Fan Favorite: Despite his less-than-ideal traits, Berlin is widely beloved by fans, possibly due to his charisma, complexity, and a glimpse of vulnerability at times.
  • Global Popularity: The character's popularity is due in large part to Pedro Alonso's nuanced performance, creating a sense of depth and even sympathy for this morally grey character.

Berlin's captivating mix of cruelty and charisma solidifies him as one of the most memorable and iconic villains in recent television history. His complexity makes him a fascinating study in the morally gray zone often painted in anti-hero archetypes.

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With a few key elements and a dash of personality, you can transform yourself into the captivating Berlin from Money Heist. Remember, the true magic lies in capturing his essence: unwavering confidence, a touch of dark humor, and an air of calculated chaos. So, don your suit, raise your glass, and get ready to steal the show at your next costume event. After all, even the most daring heist requires a touch of Berlin-esque style!

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