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Welcome to the ultimate guide for transforming into the enigmatic Professor Sergio from "La Casa de Papel" or "Money Heist." If you've ever admired the Professor's cunning intellect and distinct style, you're in for a treat. In this comprehensive costume guide, we'll show you how to replicate his iconic outfits and embody his character's essence for your next Halloween or cosplay event.

To step into the shoes of the Professor, you'll need specific clothing items and accessories that capture his unique look. Whether you prefer his classic suit, the quirky clown costume, or his various disguises, we've got you covered. In just five easy steps, you'll master the art of dressing like the Professor himself.

So, gear up and get ready to become the mastermind behind the most epic heist. Let's dive into the world of Professor Sergio Marquina's outfits and personas, and get you ready for an unforgettable transformation.


Money Heist Professor Costume



Proffessor Sergio Clown Costume



How to Dress Like Professor Sergio

Dress Like Professor From La Casa De Papel

The Classic Professor Look

The Professor's classic look is synonymous with suave sophistication. To emulate this iconic appearance:

  1. Modern-Fit Dress Pant and Knit Sport Jacket:
  2. Start with a pair of Calvin Klein Men's Modern-Fit Dress Pants for a sleek and comfortable fit. Combine this with a knit sport jacket that complements the pants.
  3. Light Blue Dress Shirt and Black Neck Tie: Choose a light blue dress shirt to provide the perfect backdrop for the rest of your ensemble. A classic black necktie adds an air of formality to the outfit.
  4. Persol Pilot Sunglasses: The Professor's signature accessory, the Persol pilot sunglasses, are a must-have. These Italian handmade glasses instantly add a touch of mystery and sophistication to your look.
  5. Brown/Gold Strap Watch: Sport a vintage "Forsam" brand watch, which might be challenging to find brand new, but you can hunt for a used one on eBay for authenticity.
  6. Dark Brown Belt and Brown Boots: Complete the classic Professor ensemble with a dark brown belt and a pair of brown boots. These elements contribute to the overall elegance and style.

The Professor Sergio Clown Costume

For a playful twist on the Professor's character, consider his clown costume. Here's how to nail this unique look:

  1. Burgundy Party Jacket and Black Dress Pant: Start with a quirky burgundy party jacket that exudes a circus vibe. Pair it with black dress pants for a contrasting touch.
  2. Orange Wig and Black Victorian Hat: The centerpiece of this ensemble is the orange wig, which adds a vibrant and whimsical element. Top it off with a black Victorian-style hat for a dash of clownish charm.
  3. White Dress Shirt and Steampunk Goggles: Underneath the jacket, wear a crisp white dress shirt. Accessorize with steampunk goggles for an eccentric and intriguing touch.
  4. Wine Red Sash and Blue & White Scarf: Tie a wine red sash around your waist for a fun detail. Add a blue & white scarf to complete the circus-inspired look.
  5. Foam Clown Nose and Black Leather Gloves: Don't forget to wear a foam clown nose for an authentic clown appearance. Slip on black leather gloves for a polished finish.
  6. Steampunk Lace Cuffs and Clown White Makeup: Enhance the costume with steampunk lace cuffs on your wrists. Apply clown white makeup to your face for the full clown effect.
  7. Soft Snuggle Bunny Plush: Carry a soft snuggle bunny plush to add a touch of whimsy and a nod to the Professor's endearing side.

With these detailed steps, you can effortlessly transform into the Professor Sergio clown persona. Whether you choose the classic or clown look, you're ready to make a memorable impression at your Halloween or costume event.

Professor Sergio Cosplay

How to Act Like Professor Sergio at the Halloween Party:

Congratulations on mastering the art of dressing like Professor Sergio! Now, it's time to delve into the intricacies of acting like the character at your Halloween party. To truly embody the Professor, follow these five steps:

Step 1: Embrace Confidence:

The Professor is known for his unwavering confidence and calm demeanor. Walk with purpose, maintain eye contact, and speak with confidence. Channel his composed and collected personality to leave a lasting impression.

Step 2: Master the Art of Strategy:

The Professor is a strategic genius. Engage in conversations that involve intellect and strategy, much like the character does in the series. Challenge fellow partygoers with mind-bending riddles or engage in discussions about complex topics.

Step 3: Utilize Wit and Charm:

The Professor is not just brains; he's also charismatic. Use your charm to engage others in captivating conversations. Employ witty remarks and subtle humor to keep the party atmosphere lively and engaging.

Step 4: Stay One Step Ahead:

Just like the Professor's meticulous planning, be prepared for any situation. Anticipate party-related challenges, such as navigating crowded spaces or handling unexpected surprises. Your ability to stay one step ahead will impress others.

Step 5: Maintain a Calm Exterior:

Regardless of the party's chaos, maintain a calm exterior. The Professor rarely loses his cool, and this characteristic sets him apart. Offer assistance to those in need, resolve conflicts with diplomacy, and exude an air of tranquility.

By following these steps, you'll immerse yourself in the character of Professor Sergio and captivate fellow partygoers with your convincing portrayal.

About Professor Sergio

Unmasking Professor Sergio - The Mastermind

Professor Sergio Marquina, often referred to simply as "The Professor," is the mastermind behind the meticulously planned heists in the hit series "La Casa de Papel" or "Money Heist." Let's uncover the depths of this iconic character:

Professor Sergio's Appearance:
  • Sergio is a man with a distinguished mustache and beard.
  • He maintains a very good physical shape, showcasing his attention to detail.
  • His signature long, black hair underwent a slight trim in season 3, reflecting his evolving character.
His Disguises:
  • Throughout the series, the Professor adopts various disguises to evade detection, including posing as a homeless drug addict and even a clown.
  • These disguises highlight his versatility and adaptability in high-stress situations.
His Personality and Intelligence:
  • Sergio is exceptionally intelligent and meticulous.
  • His determination to execute the most significant heist in history is fueled by years of planning.
  • He recruits a dream team and establishes a strict schedule, emphasizing the importance of adhering to the plan.
Negotiation and Psychology:
  • The Professor possesses exceptional knowledge of negotiation tactics, police strategy, and human psychology.
  • His ability to manipulate the police, government, and public reactions plays a pivotal role in the heist's success.
Leadership and Team Dynamics:
  • He exhibits innate leadership skills and resolves team conflicts with finesse.
  • The team members hold great respect for his intellect and decision-making abilities, often following his guidance without hesitation.
Perfectionist Approach:
  • Sergio's perfectionism is evident in his careful consideration of various scenarios that might arise during the heist.
  • This forward-looking approach helps him steer the course of the heist, even in the face of overwhelming odds.

In conclusion, the Professor Sergio costume isn't just about clothing and accessories; it's about capturing the essence of this multifaceted character. Understanding his appearance, disguises, personality, and intelligence will enable you to bring authenticity to your portrayal.

As you prepare to become the mastermind behind the most epic heist, remember that it's not just a costume—it's a transformation into a character who thrives on intellect, strategy, and determination. With your newfound knowledge, you're ready to shine as Professor Sergio at your Halloween or cosplay event.



Additional Tips for Your Professor Sergio Transformation

As you prepare to take on the role of Professor Sergio for your Halloween or cosplay event, consider these additional tips to enhance your transformation:

Practice the Signature Stare:

The Professor is known for his intense and calculating stare. Practice this signature look in front of a mirror to perfect it for your costume. It's all in the eyes.

Review Key Heist Strategies:

Familiarize yourself with the key heist strategies employed by the Professor in the series. This knowledge will allow you to engage in conversations about the intricate plans, adding depth to your character.

Adopt the Professor's Confidence:

Confidence is key to portraying the Professor accurately. Believe in your character and his intelligence, and let that confidence shine through in your interactions.

Create a Heist Scenario:

If appropriate, create a hypothetical heist scenario and engage in discussions with fellow partygoers about how you would execute it. This interactive element can be a fun way to showcase your character.

Pay Attention to Detail:

The Professor is meticulous, and so should you be. Pay attention to even the smallest details of your costume, from the fit of your clothing to the authenticity of your accessories.

Learn a Few Spanish Phrases:

As the series is originally in Spanish, learning a few key Spanish phrases or expressions can add an extra layer of authenticity to your portrayal.

Stay In Character:

Throughout the event, stay in character as much as possible. Respond to questions and comments as the Professor would, and maintain the air of mystery and intelligence.

By incorporating these additional tips into your transformation, you'll elevate your Professor Sergio portrayal to a whole new level, leaving a lasting impression on those around you.

Group Costume Ideas Alongside Professor Sergio

Looking to make a statement as a group? Consider coordinating your costumes with friends or fellow Money Heist enthusiasts. Here are some group costume ideas that pair well with Professor Sergio:

  1. The Heist Team: Recruit friends to dress up as other key characters from the series, such as Tokyo, Berlin, Nairobi, Rio, and Denver. Together, you can recreate the entire heist team and bring the iconic moments to life.
  2. Police vs. Robbers: Divide your group into two teams—one as the heist crew and the other as the police officers trying to thwart the heist. Engage in playful "standoffs" and recreate scenes from the series.
  3. Hostage Situation: If you have a larger group, some members can dress as hostages, complete with bound hands and fearful expressions. The rest of the group can portray the heist team and the Professor.
  4. Flashback Episodes: The series features flashback episodes that reveal the characters' pasts. Create costumes based on these flashbacks to add variety to your group ensemble.
  5. Professor's Allies: Highlight characters like Raquel Murillo, Helsinki, and Lisbon, who have played crucial roles alongside the Professor. This allows for a diverse and dynamic group costume.

Remember to coordinate your group's costumes in advance to ensure everyone is on the same page. Whether you choose to recreate the heist team, depict pivotal moments, or embody the Professor's allies, group costumes can be a fun and engaging way to celebrate your favorite series.

With these group costume ideas, you and your friends can become an unforgettable ensemble at your Halloween or cosplay event, making it a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Professor Sergio Costume FAQs

You've embarked on a journey to become the iconic Professor Sergio from "Money Heist," and we understand that questions may arise along the way. To help you navigate your transformation smoothly, we've compiled a list of 9 frequently asked questions about Professor Sergio's costume, demeanor, and more. Read on for answers that will ensure you're fully prepared to pull off this epic character at your Halloween or cosplay event.

FAQ 1: Can I wear the Professor's classic suit for a casual event?

Answer: While the classic suit exudes suave sophistication, it might be a bit formal for casual events. Consider the occasion and the desired level of authenticity when choosing your costume.

FAQ 2: How can I achieve the Professor's signature stare?

Answer: To master the Professor's intense stare, practice in front of a mirror. Focus on maintaining a calculated and confident look, which is key to capturing his character.

FAQ 3: What are some key personality traits of Professor Sergio?

Answer: Professor Sergio is known for his unwavering confidence, intelligence, and meticulous planning. He is charismatic, composed, and highly strategic.

FAQ 4: Is it essential to speak Spanish to portray the Professor accurately?

Answer: While speaking Spanish isn't mandatory, learning a few key phrases can enhance your portrayal and add authenticity, as the series is originally in Spanish.

FAQ 5: How can I stay in character throughout the event?

Answer: To stay in character, maintain the Professor's calm demeanor, engage in intellectual conversations, and exude confidence. Respond to questions and comments as the Professor would, emphasizing his intelligence and charisma.

FAQ 6: Can I recreate the Professor's disguises for a unique twist on the costume?

Answer: Absolutely! The Professor adopts various disguises throughout the series, such as a clown or a homeless drug addict and delivery man. These add versatility to your portrayal and showcase your attention to detail.

FAQ 7: What are some strategies for engaging in conversations as the Professor?

Answer: Engage in discussions that involve intellect and strategy, challenge others with mind-bending riddles, and employ witty remarks and subtle humor to keep conversations captivating and lively.

FAQ 8: Can I create a hypothetical heist scenario to interact with others in character?

Answer: Yes, creating a hypothetical heist scenario and discussing it with fellow partygoers can be a fun and interactive way to showcase your character's strategic mindset.

FAQ 9: How do I coordinate a group costume with friends portraying characters from "Money Heist"?

Answer: Coordinate your group's costumes by selecting characters like Tokyo, Berlin, Nairobi, Rio, and Denver, or even the Professor's allies like Raquel Murillo and Helsinki. Discuss costume details in advance to ensure a cohesive and memorable ensemble.


As you prepare to become the mastermind behind the most epic heist, remember that it's not just a costume—it's a transformation into a character who thrives on intellect, strategy, and determination. With your newfound knowledge and the comprehensive guide provided here, you're ready to shine as Professor Sergio at your Halloween or cosplay event.

Embrace confidence, channel your inner strategist, and stay one step ahead just like the Professor himself. Whether you choose the classic look or opt for his quirky clown costume, you're poised to make a memorable impression. And if you decide to coordinate your costume with a group, you'll undoubtedly create an unforgettable ensemble that pays homage to the beloved series, "La Casa de Papel" or "Money Heist."

So, step into the world of the Professor, unmask his secrets, and embark on your own thrilling adventure as you bring this iconic character to life. Best of luck with your transformation, and may your Halloween or cosplay event be filled with excitement, strategy, and unforgettable memories!

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