Dress Like Blueberry Sans

Halloween is a time when people get to dress up as their favorite characters and have fun. One of the popular characters that people like to dress up as is Blueberry Sans from the fan-created UnderTale AU, UnderSwap. Blueberry Sans is known for his cute appearance, and his outfit is relatively easy to put together. In this blog post, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to dress up like Blueberry Sans for Halloween. So, get ready to catch some attention and have some fun with your Blueberry Sans costume!

Blueberry Sans Costume


How To Dress Like Blueberry Sans

Dress Like Blueberry Sans

If you're planning on dressing up as Blueberry Sans for Halloween or any cosplay event, here's a step-by-step guide on how to create the perfect Blueberry Sans costume:

  1. Grey T-Shirt: The first step is to find a basic grey t-shirt that fits you well. You can either purchase one online or in a local store.
  2. Grey Shorts: Blueberry Sans wears a grey shorts that are a classic fit. You can easily find these shorts in any clothing store.
  3. Sans Mask: Blueberry Sans wears a mask similar to his brother Papyrus. You can either purchase a regular Sans mask or a LED mask, depending on your preference.
  4. Duct Tape: To create the lines on the mask, you will need to use 1/2 inch duct tape. Use a sharpie to mark the lines on the mask, and then carefully cut the tape to match the lines.
  5. Turquoise Scarf: Blueberry Sans wears a turquoise scarf around his neck. You can easily find this scarf in a local store or online.
  6. Turquoise Satin Gloves: To complete the look, you will need a pair of turquoise satin gloves. You can find these gloves online or in a local store.
  7. Turquoise Waterproof Shoe Cover: Finally, you will need a pair of turquoise waterproof shoe covers. These can be purchased online or in a local store.

By following these steps, you'll have a complete Blueberry Sans costume that will be sure to impress.

Blueberry Sans Cosplay

Blueberry Sans Cosplay

So, you've got your Blueberry Sans costume all set and ready to go, but how do you act like Blueberry Sans? Here are some tips to help you get into character and make the most of your Halloween party:

  1. Stay positive: Blueberry Sans is a cheerful and optimistic character, so try to maintain a positive attitude throughout the night. Smile, laugh, and have fun with your friends!
  2. Be curious: Blueberry Sans is always interested in new things, so try to be curious about what's going on around you. Ask questions, explore your surroundings, and try new experiences.
  3. Embrace your quirks: Blueberry Sans is a unique and quirky character, so don't be afraid to embrace your own quirks and eccentricities. Let your personality shine through and be proud of who you are.
  4. Use catchphrases: Blueberry Sans has his own catchphrases like "Wowzers!" and "Mweh heh heh!", so try to incorporate these into your conversation throughout the night.
  5. Help others: Blueberry Sans is a kind and helpful character, so try to help others whenever you can. Whether it's holding open a door or offering a helping hand, small acts of kindness can make a big difference.

By following these tips, you can embody the spirit of Blueberry Sans and have an unforgettable Halloween party experience!

Blueberry Sans Halloween Costume

In conclusion, dressing up as Blueberry Sans for Halloween can be a fun and unique costume choice for fans of the UnderTale universe. By following the step-by-step guide provided in this article, you can easily assemble your own Blueberry Sans costume with items that are affordable and easy to find.

However, keep in mind that dressing up as a character is only one part of the equation. To truly embody Blueberry Sans, it's important to also embrace his personality and mannerisms. The guide provided in part 3 can help you act like Blueberry Sans at your Halloween party, and by doing so, you can truly become the character.

Overall, dressing up as Blueberry Sans for Halloween can be a creative and enjoyable experience for any fan of the UnderTale universe. Whether you're attending a Halloween party or simply looking for a unique costume idea, Blueberry Sans is sure to turn heads and bring a smile to the faces of those who recognize him.

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