Ink Sans Costume

How To Dress Like Ink Sans


Ink Sans is an out-of-time sans to help artists create new AUs. Despite supporting creators, he creates no AUs. He brings characters to life (outside already deceased). Ink protects the characters he creates excessively and has begun many battles over them.

Ink Sans Costume


Ink Sans Halloween Costume

Ink Sans Costume

Dress Like Ink Sans; Ink Sans costume consists of Deluxe Sans mask, long and short sleeve t-shirt, Sans cosplay blue jacket, classic short and dark leggings, fingerless gloves and Vans classic sneaker, to complete your Ink Sans cosplay look you need to diy Ink Sans' paintbrush using yarn and 36 inch rod, you also ned to dye the rod to give the final look.

Ink Sans Cosplay

Ink has black paint (or ink?) On his right cheek. His eyes are usually a blue circle in the right eye socket and an error 404 star in the left eye. He wears the jacket of UT Sans, which hangs around his hips, brown, long sleeves with blue lines and a bright shirt; A protector is attached to the shirt and chest. Ink wears a huge brown scarf almost as big as him. He has a working belt on his chest with rainbow-colored ampoules (with heart-shaped dots).

When Ink drinks what's in the vials, he gets artificial emotions. Ink has pants that have the same color scheme as their sleeves. He wears light brown shorts on his pants. Instead of slippers Ink sports shoes carry a tiger print on the sides. He also has fingerless gloves.

On his back, Ink holds his gun and the brush named Broomie. Tattoos swirl beneath his clothing, falling from his neck to his back and chest to the end of his legs. The tattoos run 1/4 across his arms and are covered by his undershirt.

Ink is energetic and always wants to be beautiful.

He likes to do art on the walls of people. When he's too excited, he accidentally throws black ink. He is always happy to visit other AUs. Ink has a strange habit of checking every AU version of Sans, as it is a bit smaller than the UnderTale Sans. But in some fan comics, Ink is shorter than any Senses except Blueberry.

Ink is very forgetful and often stops in the middle of writing or writing things on his scarf to remember. He likes to motivate people and make them laugh, usually by being "an idiot". Ink wants a soul and is embarrassed or sad when the theme of its color bottles appears in conversations with others.

Comyet has confirmed that despite popular fan theories, ink is not a legal good. In one picture, ink was at best "chaotically neutral." He literally can not take care of others without having his vials of paint because he lacks the soul. Ink and Dream fight in the Star Sanses comic, because Ink does not care about the emotions of the people in the AUs. This argument was ultimately a failure due to Ink's short-term memory and Dream's inability to experience negative emotions over periods of more than a few seconds.

Ink is often associated with Error Sans and in various AUs, they are either companions or enemies. Some people also ship them, mainly because of that old adage, opposites attract.

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