Dress Like Jules Vaughn

Unlock Jules Vaughn's Euphoria Style: A Fashion Guide

Welcome to the dazzling world of HBO's "Euphoria," where fashion takes center stage, and individuality reigns supreme. In this style guide, we'll embark on a journey to recreate the iconic looks of Jules Vaughn, one of the show's most captivating characters. Portrayed by the talented Hunter Schafer, Jules brings a unique blend of style and substance to the series.

Join us as we dissect her ensembles, explore her makeup choices, and delve into the essence of Jules Vaughn's fashion sense. Whether you're looking to emulate her signature pink skirt outfit or craving inspiration from her vibrant wardrobe, we've got you covered.


Euphoria Jules Outfits ( Pink Skirt Outfit )



Euphoria Jules Outfits ( Orange Skirt Outfit )


Euphoria Jules Outfits ( Scottish Skirt Outfit )


Euphoria Jules Outfits ( Daisy Top Outfit )

Dress Like Jules Vaughn From Euphoria

Jules Vaughn Outfits

To capture the essence of Jules Vaughn's iconic pink skirt outfit, you'll need to acquire these essential pieces:

  1. Spiked V-Neck T-Shirt: Begin with a spiked V-neck t-shirt, embracing the edgy and bold aspects of Jules' style.
  2. Pink Pleated Mini Skort: The standout feature of this outfit is the pink pleated mini skort, a perfect blend of skirt and shorts, reflecting Jules' fashion-forward choices.
  3. Wavy Blonde Wig: Achieve Jules' signature hairstyle with a wavy blonde wig, adding a touch of whimsy to your look.
  4. Mixed Color Hair Extensions: For a playful twist, incorporate mixed color hair extensions, allowing you to experiment with various shades.
  5. 16 Colors Matte Liquid Eyeliner Set: Jules' eye makeup is a work of art. Invest in a 16-color matte liquid eyeliner set to recreate her vibrant and expressive eyeliner designs.
  6. 9 Pieces Layered Choker Necklace: Layered choker necklaces add a trendy and fashionable touch to your ensemble.
  7. Athletic Low Cut Socks: Keep it comfortable and stylish with athletic low-cut socks.
  8. Skechers Women's Boat Shoe: Complete your look with Skechers boat shoes for a hint of casual elegance.

How to Emulate Jules' Persona at the Party

Euphoria Jules Vaughn Fashion

As you don Jules' outfit, it's equally important to embody her persona for a truly immersive experience. Here's how to act like Jules Vaughn at your next party:

  1. Confidence is Key: Jules exudes confidence in her choices. Walk and stand with confidence, embracing your unique style.
  2. Expressive Eye Contact: Jules' expressive eye makeup demands attention. Maintain eye contact and express yourself through your eyes.
  3. Engage in Meaningful Conversations: Jules is known for her deep and meaningful conversations. Engage in discussions about identity, self-discovery, and personal growth.
  4. Embrace Individuality: Celebrate individuality and encourage others to do the same. Be open-minded and accepting of diverse perspectives.
  5. Dance Freely: At any party, Jules would dance with unbridled joy. Join the dance floor and move to the rhythm with enthusiasm.

About Jules Vaughn From Euphoria

Jules Vaughn, portrayed by Hunter Schafer, is a central character in the first season of "Euphoria." Her character represents a young trans woman navigating the complexities of a suburban landscape. After her parents' divorce, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery, eventually crossing paths with Rue Bennett and forming a deep connection.

Jules' character is a testament to resilience and individuality. She challenges societal norms and embraces her unique style, making her a beloved figure in the series.

Additional Tips - Elevate Your Jules Vaughn Costume:

Enhancing Your Transformation into Jules

To elevate your transformation into Jules Vaughn, consider these additional tips:

  1. Expressive Makeup: Experiment with expressive makeup, especially eyeliner designs. Jules' makeup is a form of self-expression.
  2. Confidence Workshop: Boost your confidence through workshops or self-help resources to fully embody Jules' self-assured demeanor.
  3. Empower Others: Encourage self-expression and individuality in others. Create a safe space for open conversations.

Conclusion - Embrace Jules Vaughn's Spirit:

In conclusion, embracing Jules Vaughn's spirit goes beyond fashion; it's about embracing your authentic self and celebrating individuality. Jules reminds us that style is a canvas for self-expression, and confidence is our greatest accessory.

As you channel Jules' vibrant style and persona, remember that the most beautiful thing you can wear is your unique identity. So, go forth with confidence, engage in meaningful conversations, and dance to the rhythm of your own life, just as Jules Vaughn would.

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