Jules Vaughn Outfits


Euphoria Jules Outfits ( Pink Skirt Outfit )


Euphoria Jules Outfits ( Orange Skirt Outfit )


Euphoria Jules Outfits ( Scottish Skirt Outfit )


Euphoria Jules Outfits ( Daisy Top Outfit )

Dress Like Jules Vaughn From Euphoria

Jules Vaughn Outfits

Dress Like Jules Vaughn From HBO's  Euphoria:

  • Jules Vaughn top: you need colorful tank tops, underscrubs and hot color tees.
  • Jules Vaughn skirt: Jules mostly wears a skirt and her choice is mostly pleated or hot colored mini skirts.
  • Jules Vaughn hair: If you are blonde just get pink hair extensions.
  • Jules Vaughn make up: you need colorful eyeliners and eyeshadow palette.
  • Jules Vaughn backpack: Get a mini backpack matching your top.
  • Jules Vaughn shoes: You need vintage white sneakers.


Euphoria Jules Vaughn Fashion

Euphoria Jules Vaughn Fashion

Jules Vaughn is a main character and the Deuteragonist in the first season of Euphoria. She is portrayed by Hunter Schafer.

Jules is a young trans woman who is looking for where she belongs in the new suburban landscape. She recently moved out of town after her parents divorced. After moving to the city, she met Rue Bennett, with whom she quickly became friends and later began a romantic relationship.

About Jules Vaughn From Euphoria

Jules has long platinum blonde hair and blue eyes. In stark contrast to Rue, Jules usually looks like a lively eye make-up look that goes with her versatile yet cute fashion, which mainly consists of brightly colored skirts and tops that accentuate her figure. In certain cases, their hair is colored, e.g. B. pink during the carnival and black during the celebration. From Nate's point of view, Jules is the perfect image of femininity, as she "wears pleated skirts, wears pretty necklaces, has a narrow neck and shoulders, acts and speaks feminine and is completely hairless".

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