Dress Like Layla Gray

Fast & Furious Layla Gray Costume


How To Dress Like Layla Gray From Fast & Furious Spy Racers:

Layla Gray Cosplay

Dress like Layla Gray from Fast & Furious Spy Racers;

To dress like Layla, you need a multicolored wig, a red leather jacket, a long sleeve crop, a Red strap bodysuit, knee high Waisted Jeans, a gold belt and various jewelry. You can also get black nail polish and red lipstick if you wish.

Layla Gray Cosplay

Layla Gray Halloween Costume

Layla is a notable underground racer who worked for SH1FT3R and was Shashi's right-hand man until she made a change of heart by joining Tony Toretto and his crew. Recruited by Ms. Nowhere in Season 2 of Spy Racers, Layla has become one of the crew's most trusted allies. She is currently a member of Tony's crew since Season 3.


Layla Gray Halloween Costume

Layla sometimes avoids making attachments and usually betrays people for her own gain. When she joins Tony's crew, she becomes clingy and very caring towards them. In Mexico, she gets angry with Tony and breaks up, but later reveals she just wanted to buy supplies. She is actually hurt that the rest of the gang doesn't believe she's changed.

Layla also hates being fooled as she reveals in the South Pacific that Shashi Dhar lied to her and used her in his plans to take over the world in Season 1.

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