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Dead Gus Fring Costume (US - UK - Canada)

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Dead Gus Fring Costume

Dead Gus Fring Halloween Costume

Gus Fring Death Costume
Dead Gus Fring Costume 1

Here we go again for another Gus Fring costume idea. Dead Gus Fring Costume is similar to regular Gus costume the only difference is Gus' face after he gets blown up.  The Vulture magazine made a great printable dead gus mask which you can use to complete your Dead Gus Fring Costume for Halloween.

About Gus Fring

Gus gradually realizes that it is a bomb when Hector starts to ring the bell on his wheelchair angrily . Gus jumps up to escape, but it's a moment too late as the bomb explodes. Then Gus leaves the room, seemingly uninjured, until the camera shows that the right side of his face has blown away, causing him to collapse dead on the floor.

With his death, Gustavo is defeated by Walt and suffered a humiliating death by Hector, his archenemy and the man who murdered his closest associate years ago and in which Gustavo has taken revenge for almost 20 years of his life completely missing his beloved partner.

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