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Gus Fring Halloween Costume

Gus Fring Halloween Costume

Gus Fring Halloween Costume
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A characteristic feature of Gus is the friendly and reserved demeanor that he maintains. He is actively involved in the management of his front shops, overseeing the staff personally and serving customers in his restaurants in Los Pollos Hermanos. He is quiet and humble, incredibly careful with whom he does business, and keeps a very healthy distance to the product he sells to appear almost invisible. Although Gus is a sociopath and a multi-state mastermind of meth distribution, he carefully maintains a public adequacy profile: It is striking that he is an important support to the DEA and has made large donations to the agency's office in Albuquerque Gus largely successful because of his reluctance, he plans ahead and has the patience to expand his business slowly. As part of his plan to hide in sight, he drives a modest dark blue Volvo V70 in 1998 (Hank even laughs at Walt as he begins to believe Gus is a drug king). The guy drives a ten-year Volvo! It's brilliant! ").

About Gus Fring

Gus is unscrupulous and Machiavellian in the management of his vast drug empire and keeps the entire operation under his icy control. Gus values professionalism and care among his colleagues and is generally calm and calculated. He employs a number of executives and personally killed rivals and employees. In interviews, Giancarlo Esposito said he had made the decision to make Gus "graceful". He described him as "someone who is ready to take over the cartel, someone who is willing to manipulate others to do what he wants them to do." Gustavo does not trust anyone who is not as careful as he is, because they are too unpredictable, and he is proud to be a few steps ahead. Gus is so controlled, cold, powerful and menacing.

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