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Saul Goodman Costume

Saul Goodman Costume
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Saul is the lawyer and consultant to meth chefs Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, who gets them out of several tough situations. Often dressed in eye-catching suits, Saul has extensive connections within the criminal underworld of Albuquerque and acts as an intermediary between drug distributors, evildoers, impersonators, and other criminals. He orders Walt to launder drug money through the website of Walter White Jr. ( and sends a Mike Ehrmantraut to Coach Jesse to remove incriminating evidence in his apartment after his girlfriend Jane overdoses.

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Saul Goodman Outfits

Saul became a trusted advisor to Walt and helped Walt and later his wife, Skyler, launder the drug money. Saul boosted Walt's profits by making sure that he provided Kristallmeth in bulk to the drug traffickers in Albuquerque through Mike, who also assisted local King Gustavo Fring as a consultant. However, Walt's criminal secrets were eventually discovered by his brother-in-law, DEA agent Hank Schrader, and despite his attempts to protect him from arrest and Jesse's anger after discovering Walt's poisoning from Brock, Saul was forced to give up his life as a criminal give up lawyer. With the help of crime fighter Ed, Saul fled to Omaha, Nebraska, and began a new life as manager of a Cinnabon restaurant. He lived in constant fear of revelation and arrest and regretted having lost his previous life.

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