Dress Like Mike Ehrmantraut

Mike Ehrmantraut Costume


You will need the following items for your Mike from Breaking Bad Halloween costume:

  1. Black Golf Jacket
  2. Bald Cap
  3. Haggar Men's Pant
  4. Dress Shirt
  5. Black Oxford Shoes
  6. Airsoft Pistol

Mike is portrayed as extremely intelligent, cunning, patient, tough and compassionate, as well as a highly-skilled investigator, expert soldier and assassin. For a very calm and very professional look like Mike, check out our costume guide.


How To Dress Like Mike Ehrmantraut From Breaking Bad

Dress Like Mike Ehrmantraut 1
Mike Ehrmantraut Halloween Costume Guide

Dress like Mike Ehrmantraut;

Mike Ehrmantraut Costume: For your Mike Ehrmantraut Halloween costume, you will need a black golf jacket, a dress shirt, black oxford shoes and Haggar Men's pants.

Mike Ehrmantraut Accessories: To complete your Mike Ehrmantraut, don't forget to get an airsoft pistol and last but not least, a bald cap.


Mike Ehrmantraut Halloween Costume

Mike Ehrmantraut Cosplay Costume

Michael "Mike" Ehrmantraut is an American career criminal, Marine Corps veteran, and former police officer. Comfortable and affordable, Mike later became a private detective, hitman, assassin, and violent mechanic for drug traffickers to support his family financially. He has worked for Gustavo and Saul Goodman as a private detective, security chief, cleaner, mechanic, and hitman. Mike has extensive knowledge of how to act undetected on both sides of the law. A former cop and a true professional, Mike has a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of forensic evidence, surveillance equipment and police procedures. Mike is also well-trained and calm in any combat situation, using science and long strategy to take down large numbers of enemies with ease at once.

Breaking Bad Halloween: Building Your Dream Cast

Michael Ehrmantraut is a great choice for Halloween, but why stop there? Get your friends involved and create a Breaking Bad cast! Here's a list of characters your friends can be:

  1. Los Pollos Hermanos Employee: This is a perfect choice for your friend who loves fast food and fried chicken. They can wear the iconic yellow Los Pollos Hermanos uniform.
  2. Nacho Varga: For the friend who loves to play the villain, Nacho is a great choice. They can dress in all black and carry around a bag of "evidence."
  3. Hank Schrader: For the tough guy in your friend group, Hank Schrader is the perfect choice. They can wear a DEA shirt and carry around a toy gun.
  4. Tuco Salamanca: For a friend who loves to be loud and energetic, Tuco is a great choice. They can wear a bright shirt and carry around a big bag of "meth."
  5. Lalo Salamanca: Lalo is a cunning member of the Salamanca family. This is a perfect role for a friend who likes to play the mastermind. They can wear a suit and carry around a briefcase.
  6. Hector Salamanca: Hector is a wheelchair-bound drug lord. This is a fun role for a friend who wants to be dramatic. They can wear a fedora and ring a bell to make their presence known.
  7. Badger: Badger is a stoner who loves Star Trek. This is a fun role for a friend who wants to have a good time. They can wear a Star Trek shirt and carry around a toy phaser.
  8. Dead Gus Fring: For a unique twist, someone in your group can dress up as the deceased version of Gus Fring, complete with a suit, but with the addition of facial makeup to create the illusion of half a face blown off.
  9. Gus Fring: Gus is the owner of Los Pollos Hermanos and a notorious drug lord. This is a perfect role for a friend who wants to be in charge. They can wear a suit and carry around a bag of "money."
  10. Heisenberg: Heisenberg is the alter ego of Walter White, representing his transformation into a ruthless drug lord. Someone can dress up as Heisenberg by wearing a pork pie hat, sunglasses, a goatee, and a black jacket or hazmat suit.
  11. Jesse Pinkman: Jesse is Walter's sidekick. This is a great role for a friend who wants to play the underdog. They can wear a hoodie and carry around a toy gun.
  12. Jane Margolis: Jane Margolis, Jesse Pinkman's girlfriend and a complex character in the series can be portrayed as someone wearing a casual, alternative-style outfit with layered clothing, band t-shirts, and a messy hairstyle. Adding some subtle makeup to create a tired or disheveled look would enhance the costume.
  13. Saul Goodman: Saul is a quirky and entertaining lawyer. This is a great role for a friend who loves to make people laugh. They can wear a loud suit and carry around a briefcase full of "legal documents."

With this list of characters, you and your friends can create a full cast of Breaking Bad characters for Halloween.

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