Dress Like Dr. Rose Cotter

Dr. Rose Cotter Smile Costume


You will need the following items for your Dr. Rose Cotter Halloween Costume:

Cosplay Dr. Rose Cotter by dressing up with a pair of denim pants, a blouse, a brown wig, and her comfy oxford shoes.

You can have more fun with friends and family. Get the miracle together by playing her as Laura Weaver, along with Dr. Dress up Rose Cotter for a great group costume.

Laura Weaver Smile Outfits

How To Dress Like Dr. Rose Cotter From Smile

Dr. Rose Cotter Smile Halloween Costume

Dress like Dr. Rose Cotter from Smile;

Dr. Rose Cotter Smile Costume Tops: #1 cable knit turtleneck casual pullover sweater, #5 white v-neck chiffon blouse shirt, #7 hoodies long sleeve solid lightweight pullover loose sweatshirt.

Dr. Rose Cotter Smile Costume Shoes: #2 zero grand stitch lite oxford shoe, #6 Bella shoe, #9 brown waterproof leather country boot.

Dr. Rose Cotter Smile Costume Hair Accessories: #3 extension long curly ponytail.

Dr. Rose Cotter Smile Costume Pants: #4 departure ankle pant, #8 high-rise skinny jean.

Dr. Rose Cotter Halloween Costume

Dr. Rose Cotter Smile Cosplay

Dr. Rose Cotter Costume: To get Dr. Rose Cotter to look, purchase a pair of hoodie sweatshirts and pants from a local retail store if you don't already have them. You can buy shoes and sweaters from Dr. Buy Rose Cotter online, and last but not least, you can look at your local costume shop for boots to wear your dress with to complete the Rose Cotter look.

Smile is an upcoming American psychological horror film written and directed by Parker Finn in his feature film debut and based on his 2020 short film Laura Hasn't Slept. The film stars are Sosie Bacon, Jessie T. Usher, Kyle Gallner, Caitlin Stasey, Kal Penn, and Rob Morgan.

Dr. Rose Cotter Cosplay

You will find Dr. Rose Cotter, works in a psychiatric hospital and has dedicated her life to helping patients. In her first starring role in a feature film, Sosie Bacon plays Smile's protagonist, Dr. Rose Cotter.

The character, a therapist working in a psychiatric ward, deals with a mysterious entity that feeds on its victims' trauma. Bacon's performance in Smile was praised by many, including Stephen King. She has previously appeared in the series 13 Reasons Why, Here and Now, Narcos: Mexico, and Mare of Easttown.

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