Dress Like Laura Weaver

Laura Weaver Costume


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How To Dress Like Laura Weaver From Smile

Laura Weaver Smile Halloween Costume

Dress like Laura Weaver from Smile;

Laura Weaver Costume Hair Accessories: #1 10 PCS yellow 22-inch colored hair extensions.

Laura Weaver Costume Top: #2 tiger rib-knit crop tank letter embroidery cami top.

Laura Weaver Body Bag: #3 black cadaver bag leakage waterproof windproof body storage bag.

Laura Weaver Costume Accessories: #4 lightweight wrinkle-resistant polyester microfiber bed sheet for blood smile face.

Laura Weaver Costume Shirts: #5 plaid flannel shirt oversized long sleeve casual button-down shirt, #7 long sleeve button down flannel soft blouse plaid shirt.

Laura Weaver Wig: #6 brown special natural long straight wig.

Laura Weaver Pant: #8 cinch bottom sweatpants.

Laura Weaver Costume Makeup Kit: #9 Mehron special FX makeup kit trauma, blood special effects, wounds, injuries, stage, theater, education, old age effects.

Laura Weaver Costume Shoe: #10 New Balance unisex-adult 306 Jamie Foy

Laura Weaver Halloween Costume

Laura Weaver Smile Cosplay

Attention spoilers!

Laura Weaver is a character who only appears for one scene in the film, she is undeniably unforgettable for the time she is on screen. As a victim of the curse, she is terribly upset about her situation and desperately tries to get anyone, in this particular case Rose, to understand what is happening to her.

Laura Weaver Cosplay

Attention spoilers!

Unfortunately, she is unable to reach the psychiatrist and succumbs to the curse, which cuts her face open right in front of Rose. Not much is known about Laura and her personality, but it is clear that she was an innocent woman who did not deserve the terrible fate that befell her.

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