Dress Like Axeman

Get ready to unleash terror at your next Halloween party by dressing up as the fearsome Axeman from the Resident Evil series. This iconic character, played by Raymond Olubowale, is known for his towering height, agility, and deadly axes. With this step-by-step costume guide, you can easily recreate the Axeman's chilling presence and become the center of attention at any Halloween event.

Axeman Costume


You will need the following items for your dress like Axeman Halloween costume:

Dress Like Axeman

The Axeman character played by Raymond Olubowale in the Resident Evil movies is an iconic and menacing figure that strikes fear into the hearts of viewers. To recreate this terrifying character for your own costume, you'll need a range of items that capture his distinctive look and aura. Start by using the multi-purpose stylus stick and wood glue to craft the deadhead hand-made realistic latex skull cap mask executioner.

This mask is incredibly detailed, giving you the appearance of a bone-chilling executioner. To add a touch of realism, use satin granite spray paint to give the mask a stone-like texture. Enhance the gruesome effect by applying Liquid Latex fashions fake blood and fake blood makeup spray to create blood spatter and stains on the mask and other parts of the costume.

The red latex long gloves add a sinister touch, while the axes weapon and steel chain are essential props to capture the Axeman's deadly presence. Wear the carpenter jean and the muscle-printed long-sleeve t-shirt to emphasize the character's rugged and intimidating physique. Complete the costume with the fake padded belly to add bulk and an intimidating silhouette.

The heavy-duty vinyl waterproof apron adds a practical and authentic touch to the ensemble. Finally, slip on a pair of black Oxford shoes to ensure you're ready for action. With this meticulously assembled costume, you'll embody the terrifying presence of the Axeman from the Resident Evil movies.

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How To Dress Like Axeman From Resident Evil

Axeman Resident Evil Halloween Costume

Dress like Axeman from Resident Evil;

Step 1: Crafting the Mask To start, you'll need the following items: a multi-Purpose stylus stick, wood glue, and the deadhead hand-made realistic latex skull cap mask executioner. Use the multi-purpose stylus stick and wood glue to carefully assemble the skull cap mask, ensuring it is secure and comfortable to wear.

Step 2: To create a sinister look to give the mask a realistic touch, use satin granite spray paint to add a stone-like texture. This will enhance the Axeman's menacing appearance and add an eerie element to your costume.

Step 3: Bloodstains and gore to bring out the character's brutality, apply liquid latex fashions fake blood, and fake blood makeup spray strategically on the mask and other parts of the costume. This will create a horrifying effect, making your portrayal of Axeman even more terrifying.

Step 4: Perfect the details Don the red latex long gloves to add a sinister touch to your hands. Equip yourself with the axes weapon and steel chain to capture the essence of the Axeman's deadly nature. Complete the look with carpenter jeans and a muscle-printed long-sleeve t-shirt to emphasize the character's rugged physique.

Step 5: Finishing touches to add authenticity to your costume, wear a fake padded belly to enhance the Axeman's imposing silhouette. protect yourself from blood spatters with a heavy-duty vinyl waterproof apron, and slip into a pair of black Oxford shoes for a polished final touch.

Axeman Cosplay

Step 1: Intimidating Body Language The Axeman is known for his menacing presence. Stand tall, adopt a powerful stance, and move with deliberate, calculated steps. Maintain a stern expression and make slow, deliberate gestures to create an aura of intimidation.

Step 2: Stealthy and Graceful Moves Emulate the Axeman's agility by moving with a combination of fluidity and precision. Practice swift, yet controlled movements, and incorporate dramatic gestures with your axes to captivate those around you.

Step 3: Menacing Grunts and Sounds The Axeman is not one for extensive dialogue. Instead, use guttural grunts, deep breaths, and the occasional menacing growl to communicate your character's intensity. Keep your interactions minimal, relying on your imposing presence to make a lasting impression.

Step 4: Stay in Character Immerse yourself in the role of the Axeman by maintaining a brooding demeanor throughout the party. Stay focused on your surroundings, observing and reacting in character. Avoid breaking character, as it will enhance the authenticity and impact of your portrayal.

Step 5: Command Attention Make your presence known by slowly patrolling the party, occasionally pausing to strike fear into the hearts of onlookers. Use your axes as props to create suspenseful moments, and engage in minimal but impactful interactions that align with the character's sinister persona.

About The Axeman

Axeman Resident Evil Cosplay

The Axemen in the Resident Evil series are mutant undead creatures known for their towering height, impressive agility, and deadly use of large axes. These bio-weapons were deliberately created to instill fear and unleash havoc. Their imposing presence and relentless pursuit make them formidable adversaries.

Axeman Halloween Costume

By following this Halloween costume guide, you can transform yourself into the chilling Axeman from Resident Evil. With a meticulously crafted costume, attention to detail, and a menacing portrayal, you're guaranteed to leave a lasting impression at any Halloween gathering.

Additional Tips:

Practice your movements and gestures beforehand to ensure you embody the character's physicality effectively.

1. Familiarize yourself with the Axeman's mannerisms and behavior by studying his appearances in the Resident Evil movies.

2. Use makeup and lighting techniques to further enhance the eerie atmosphere around your character.

3. Consider adding additional props or accessories, such as a distressed cloak or chains, to add depth to your costume.

4. Remember to prioritize safety when handling prop weapons and be considerate of your surroundings at all times.

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