Ashley Graham Costume

Ashley Graham Costume

How To Dress Like Ashley Graham From Resident Evil

Ashley Graham Outfits

Dress like Ashley Graham from Resident Evil;

Ashley Graham Costume: Ashley Graham has a unique style. You can use this costume combination in daily life as well.

You can complete the combination with an orange sleeveless vest, a mini skirt in green tones, and ladies boots. Do not forget to buy a brown sweater to tie on the vest.


Ashley Graham Accessories: To complete your Ashley Graham Halloween costume don't forget a blonde shoulder-length wig with bangs and a led torch.

Ashley Graham Halloween Costume

Ashley Graham Halloween Costume

Ashley Graham is the daughter of former US President Graham. She was briefly held captive by the Spanish sect Los Iluminados to take over the presidency.

Ashley has short blonde hair and brown eyes. She wears an orange sleeveless turtleneck with a burgundy sweater around her neck. She also wears a green, checked skirt with a white thong underneath and knee-high brown buckled boots.

If the player beats the game and selects the special costume, Leon will be his R.P.D. For the next game, Ashley will be wearing a bright white pop star outfit. When Ada's adventure story "Separate Paths" is completed, Leon gets a gangster suit and Ashley puts on armor.

Ashley Graham Cosplay

Ashley may be untrained, but she's not completely helpless. Ashley is by no means out of shape, but she is not "fit" for the fight because she lacks the physical training Ada and Leon received for the fight. Her small stature and lightweight generally make it easier for enemies to abduct her from Leon. Ashley has no lone fighter skills, which gives her no way to directly attack her enemies. If the player controls Ashley while she is escaping an enemy, she will not do any harm to her attacker, while Ada and Leon may be able to behead their opponent. Ashley cannot escape the grip of an enemy alone, despite her struggle. That is, the player must free them by shooting the enemy or cutting them open with a knife. Bear traps are also dangerous for them. Any bear trap Ashley gets caught in won't kill her, but she cannot escape them on her own. She loses health while trapped, which means that if she is not freed quickly enough, she can be left without health. Ashley also dies of a Leon misfire with a hit next to eggs.

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