Resident Evil Jill Valentine Costume

Jill Valentine Costume

How To Dress Like Jill Valentine From Resident Evil

Jill Valentine Costume Guide

Dress like Jill Valentine from Resident Evil;

Jill Valentine Costume: For your Jill Valentine Halloween costume you will need a scoop neck tank top, denim jeans, slim-fit tank and lace-up combat boots.

Jill Valentine Accessories: To complete your Jill Valentine look, don't forget to get fingerless gloves, a toy gun, Jill's badge, a shoulder holster for pistols, a vertical bar pendant necklace and last but not least, a pistol holster leg harness.

Jill Valentine Halloween Costume


Jill Valentine was discovered by America's mighty Delta Force in the late 1900s. He found a place in this mighty army to fight terrorism. The features that made Jill Valentine stand out in the military were: His success in the bomb disposal field, his ability to unlock locked mechanisms, his courage and foresight. Thanks to this success, Jill Valentine became a woman who received the rare Delta Force training in the world.

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