Blade Halloween Costume 2020

How To Dress Like Blade

Dress Like Blade

Dress like Blade; Blade costume consists of a black leather walking coat and pants, black military boots, polarized sunglasses and tactical belt, to complete your Blade look don't forget to get silver alüminum stakes, black soft gloves and ımmortal warrior sword.

Dress Like Blade

Eric Brooks is a human vampire hybrid that chases vampires. Before his birth, his mother was attacked and bitten by a vampire who died at birth. With increasing puberty, he showed various vampire-like tendencies without their weaknesses. He was eventually found by Abraham Whistler, a vampire hunter who taught him how to control his abilities and hunt vampires. Now Eric works as a blade to track down and thwart vampire plots all over the world. He is known as the legendary day walker of the vampires who fear him a lot.

Blade Hallowen Costume

Blade is a cynical person determined to rid the earth of vampires. He is known to be stoic, cold and spirited. Like many in the vampire hunt community, Blade is deeply against vampires, especially because of his mother's death when Deacon Frost killed her and was a half-vampire. He has an insatiable thirst for blood, which caused him great problems. In his youth he killed and drained people. Despite his cold behavior, Blade is not without a heart; he saved Karen Jenson, a nurse, when she was almost killed by a vampire and later admitted her as a partner. His friendship with Whistler was so strong that Blade couldn't bear to deprive him of his misery when he and brutally tortured by Frost and his men. When Whistler sacrifices himself, Blade experiences an emotional breakdown and becomes depressed after being arrested by the FBI and destroyed by the death of his mentor.

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