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Dress Like Jane From Doom Patrol;

Crazy Jane Outfits: Jane wears baggy, old yet comfortable outfits throughout the series, She prefers ripped jeans ( mostly black), old looking  zip sweatshirts ( mostly black), baggy sweatshirts and shirts.

Crazy Jane Shoes: Jane wears black combat boots most of the time, sometimes she prefers different color laces for her boots.

Crazy Jane Accessories: To complete your Crazy Jane cosplay look you need a couple of necklaces, gothic leather bracelets.

Crazy Jane Cosplay

Crazy Jane kicks Roboman's ass

Jane, also known as Crazy Jane from Doom Patrol ( portrayed by Diane Guerrero), is the main personality of Kay Challis, a young girl who has developed several personalities after being sexually abused by her father. Above all, Jane wants to maintain the balance in the underground in which Kay's other personalities live. As such, most of the time Jane has control over Kay's body until another personality manifests when needed.

Crazy Jane Outfits

As a little girl, Kay was sexually abused by her own father. The experience somehow led them to break and manifest 64 different personalities. Her main personality in middle school was Miranda, which was later destroyed by Daddy and replaced by Crazy Jane. Jane was tried by scientists, but one of her experiments gave her unique metahuman powers.


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