Dress Like Rita Farr

Rita Farr Outfits


Dress Like Rita Farr From Doom Patrol

Rita Farr Outfits

Dress Like Rita Farr From Doom Patrol;

Rita Farr Dress: Rita Farr is an elegant young! woman from 50s and her choice of clothing matches this area. Her most famous dress is sleeves and red & white with black collar.

Rita Farr Wig: Rita Farr has wavy shoulder lenght hair.

Rita Farr Shoes: Rita wears black pump shoes.

Rita Farr Accessories: To complete your Rita Farr cosplay look don't forget to get hand makeup mirror and red lipstick.

Rita Farr Costume

Rita Farr Costume

Rita Farr, real name Gertrude Kramp, was a famous and talented Hollywood actress from the 1950s. While filming Forbidden Congo in Africa in 1955, she accidentally fell into a lake and sipped a mysterious green substance that made her body highly elastic and ended her acting career.

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