Dress Like The Priest From Hellraiser

Hellraiser 2022 The Priest Costume


You will need the following items for your The Priest Halloween Costume:

Hellraiser 1987 Pinhead Costume

You need the following items for your Pinhead Halloween Costume:

Trevor Hellraiser 2022 Outfits
Riley Hellraiser 2022 Outfits

How To Dress Like The Priest & Pinhead From Hellraiser 2022 & 1987

The Priest Hellraiser 2022 Halloween Costume

Dress like The Priest & Pinhead from Hellraiser 2022 & 1987;

Hellraiser 2022 The Priest Pinhead Mask: #1 Pinhead mask.

Hellraiser 2022 The Priest Bodysuit: #2 full bodysuit unisex spandex stretch costume, #4 skull skeleton jumpsuit.

Hellraiser 2022 The Priest Jewelry: #3 Viking rune tiwaz teiwaz Tyr necklace.

Hellraiser 2022 The Priest Accessories: #5 Hellraiser puzzle box.


Hellraiser 1987 Pinhead Mask: #1 Pinhead mask.

Hellraiser 1987 Pinhead T-Shirt: #2 body anatomy internal organ 3d print t-shirt.

Hellraiser 1987 Pinhead Accessories: #3 Hellraiser puzzle box.

Hellraiser 1987 Pinhead: #4 black Hellraiser Goth punk pinhead vampire jacket trench coat, #6 gothic steampunk long trench coat.

Hellraiser 1987 Pinhead Boot: #5 zipper-up leather chukka boot.

The Priest Halloween Costume

The Priest Hellraiser 2022 Cosplay

"Pinhead was basically Clive's design, as seen on the Hellbound t-shirts. There was a lot of discussion with Clive, then I did some drawings. At first, only spikes came out of his head.

Pinhead Halloween Costume

I wanted it to be more original as he had his whole head up, but Clive and I thought it would be nice to make it look more like a mask, with pins around his chin, over his ears, and six times at the back of his head, and all made very funny drawings. Look at the first test images that came out of Hellraiser, there were actually pins in there, not nails, and the pins got lost you couldn't see them, they were more visible."

The Priest Cosplay

Barker's Cenobite designs were inspired by punk fashion, Catholicism, and his visits to S&M clubs in New York and Amsterdam. Specifically for Pinhead, Barker was inspired by African fetish sculptures.

Barker wanted Pinhead to have a navel piercing, implying that the character had genital piercings. Barker's original Hell Priest sketches for Pinhead were eventually turned into an officially licensed mask by Composite Effects, which was made available to the public in limited quantities. This was done to mark Hellraiser's 30th anniversary.

Barker and his producer Chris Figg assembled a team to design the cenobites. The team included Image Animation's Bob Keen and Geoff Portass, as well as Jane Wildgoose, a costume designer who was asked to create a series of costumes to refine the scarification designs with Image Animation.

Pinhead Cosplay

In terms of lighting, Pinhead was designed so that shadows would swirl around his head. The script clearly identified the single pin-headed cenobite from the earlier draft as the leader.

With the verdict, they updated Pinhead's looks from the previous films. As writer/director Gary J. Tunnicliffe explained: No superficial one-liners, he's a little slimmer and a little meaner. We especially tried to reflect that in the make-up and the costume; the cuts are deeper, the pins are a bit longer, his eyes are all black, and the wardrobe is a bit slimmer and more visceral.

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