Dress Like Trevor From Hellraiser 2022

Hellraiser 2022 Trevor Costume


You will need the following items for your Trevor Halloween Costume:

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How To Dress Like Trevor From Hellraiser 2022

Trevor Hellraiser 2022 Halloween Costume

Dress like Trevor from Hellraiser 2022;

Hellraiser 2022 Trevor Costume: #1 California flag CA bear star souvenir sweatshirt.

Hellraiser 2022 Trevor Costume Top: #2 workout tank top 2 pack gym bodybuilding sleeveless muscle t shirt.

Hellraiser 2022 Trevor Costume Pant: #3 Levi’s gold label regular fit flex jean.

Hellraiser 2022 Trevor Costume Jacket: #4 green bomber jacket.

Hellraiser 2022 Trevor Costume Box: #5 Hellraiser puzzle box.

Hellraiser 2022 Trevor Costume Makeup: #6 Mehron makeup stage blood.

Hellraiser 2022 Trevor Costume Shoe: #7 Converse high top sneaker.

Hellraiser 2022 Trevor Halloween Costume

Trevor Hellraiser 2022 Cosplay

Trevor is one of the secondary antagonists of the 2022 reboot of Hellraiser which is an adaptation of and a prequel to Clive Barker's 1986 horror novella The Hellbound Heart.

He is a petty thief, criminal and former addict hired by a wealthy elitist Roland Voight to find him more victims to be lured towards the Configuration Box, in hopes of sacrificing enough souls for Pinhead and the cenobites to lure them back to his estate where he plans to imprison them and to summon and bargain with the Leviathan to free him of the Liminal Configuration in exchange for their freedom.

Hellraiser 2022 Trevor Cosplay

Trevor is a recovering addict, petty thief and criminal living alone in his studio apartment mostly making a living by stealing and selling random items.

By unknown means, he came into contact with Roland Voight a wealthy elitist who has allegedly "disappeared" who enlists him to help him lure unsuspecting victims to the Configuration Box in hopes of luring them and the cenobites back to his estate where he could imprison them and summon the Leviathan to bargain with him to free him of the Liminal Configuration in exchange for their freedom.

Trevor soon befriends and becomes romantically involved with a recovering addict named Riley McKendry and selects her as Voight's victim. One night, he convinces her to follow him to an abandoned warehouse to steal an artifact from a safe which is The Configuration Box.

She agrees and they proceeded to the warehouse, cracked the safe and took the box as Trevor purposely allows Riley to keep it.

Riley's estranged Brother Matt fell victim to the box and is abruptly taken to the Labyrinth by the cenobites where he is tortured and flayed. Trevor under the guise of helping Riley uncover the truth of her brother's disappearance accompanies Riley, Matt's boyfriend Colin and his roommate Nora to Voight's estate.

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