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Stranger Things Season 4 Costume Ideas

The world has endured too much within these 3 years period since the Stranger Things season 3 was aired and fans started to wait for the season 4; wildfires, pandemic, wars, shut down of adobe flash player…. But it is finally over, and we got the new season! Season 4 of Stranger Things takes place in different places around the world and out of this world, from ice-cold Russia to sunny California, so expect some different clothing styles this season.

Dressing up as your favorite Stranger Things character has a lot of pros, but maybe the biggest pro of it is that you can use the items that you use to make up your costume later.  Most of the clothes & accessories you need for your costume can be used to curate new costumes or for daily use.

  1. Eleven Season 4 Costume

You need the following items for your Eleven from Stranger Things Season 4 Halloween costume:

  1. Button Down Plaid Shirt
  2. Striped Drawstring Dress
  3. Wavy Brown Wig with Bangs
  4. Crew Socks for Women
  5. Nike Women's Court Legacy Slip On PT Shoes
  6. Eleven S4 Full Costume

Now that Eleven is living with the Byers, she seems to change her wardrobe. Instead of colorful clothes that Max introduced her in season 3, she now wears plaid shirts, baggy linen dresses, flannels. We don't yet know if this change is because of Byers' financial status, Hopper's disappearance, or her own choice. Whatever the reason is, her new style is as good as her previous ones.

2. Mike Wheeler Season 4 Costume

Season 4 Mike Wheeler Costume

You need the following items for your Mike Wheeler Season for costume:

  1. Grey T-Shirt
  2. Yellow Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt
  3. Olive Green Hiking Short
  4. Wavy Black Wig For Men
  5. White Palorized Sunglasses
  6. Adjustable Eyewear Retainer
  7. Green Visor Cap

In the previous seasons of Strange Things, Mike's fashion style was tending to be more mature when compared to his friends. Even though from time to time he looked a bit weird as he was too young for such clothing, he still was adorable most of the time.

In the new season of the Stranger Things, Mike is still tending to wear grown up clothing, however this time he, himself, is a nearly grown up man, and the fashion for the grown up men has changed a lot since the last season's period of Stranger Things.

3. Dustin Henderson Season 4 Costume

Dustin Henderson Season 4 Costume

You need the following items for your Dustin Season 4 costume:

  1. The Hellfire Club T-Shirt
  2. Graphic Button Down Shirt
  3. Flat-Front Chino Pant
  4. “Thinking Cap” Baseball Cap
  5. Canvas Web Belt
  6. Casio Men's 'Classic' Watch
  7. Reebok Men's Classic Leather Sneaker

After a looong wait because of the COVID-19 pandemic, fans finally get what they want (a couple of pictures, and a trailer), but it is better than nothing. Kids are no longer kids, but teenagers. Dustin, in particular, looks like the same except growing up. His outfits are probably haven't shocked anyone, as he still wears nearly the same. We believe all outfits he wears on season 4 will be very popular, just like previous seasons' outfits.

4. Max Mayfield Season 4 Costume 1

Max Mayfield Season 4 Outfits 1

You need the following items for your Max Mayfield from Stranger Things Season 4 Halloween costume1:

  1. V Neck Short Sleeve Blouse
  2. Levi's Women's Low Pro Jeans
  3. Red-Brown Wig
  4. Safari Coat
  5. Burgundy School Bag
  6. Leather Strap Yellow Watch
  7. Sony Walkman
  8. Nike Women's Revolution 5 Wide Shoes

Max Mayfield prefers simpler outfits in season 4. In his first outfit that appears in the trailers, we see Him wearing a navy blue blouse, a pair of jeans, a jacket shirt, and red shoes. In addition, the yellow wristwatch and Sony Walkman stand out as accessories.

5. Max Mayfield Season 4 Costume 2

Max Mayfield Season 4 Outfits 2

You need the following items for your Max Mayfield from Stranger Things Season 4 Halloween costume2:

  1. Max Mayfield Jacket
  2. Long Sleeve Striped T-Shirt
  3. Nike Women's Revolution 5 Wide Shoes
  4. Women's Hairpin
  5. Red-Brown Wig
  6. Casual Denim Pants

One of the other big surprises in the season 4 trailer is about Max. As the image above shows, Max appears to be flying over Dustin, Lucas, and Steve at one point in Stranger Things 4.

In this scene where Max is suspended, we see her wearing a blue jacket with yellow stripes, a striped T-shirt, a pair of jeans, red shoes, and a blue buckle.

6. Jim Hopper Season 4 Costume


You need the following items for your Jim Hopper Halloween Costume:

  1. Arctic Coat
  2. Snow Pants
  3. Soviet Cossack Hat
  4. Windproof Gloves
  5. Polar Boots
  6. Vintage Pickaxe

Netflix's first official teaser for season 4 of Stranger Things confirmed that Jim Hopper who has been portrayed by David Harbour was alive. The Hawkins police chief has been at the center of many fan theories since season three. The Stranger Things 3 post-credits scene in Kamchatka refers to an invisible "American" who added a lot of fuel to the fire and speculated about Hopper's survival.

7. Eddie Munson Costume

Eddie Munson Costume

You need the following items for your Eddie Munson Halloween costume:

  1. The Hellfire Club Baseball T-Shirt
  2. Stand Collar Faux Leather Jacket
  3. Ripped Slim Fit Jeans
  4. Rocker Costume Wig
  5. Men's Motorcycle Boots

Eddie (Joseph Quinn) is one of the main characters in Season 4 of Stranger Things. He is the leader of the Dungeons & Dragons club (the Hellfire Club), of the Hawkins High School.

Eddie is a dark '80s metalhead, and he is the leader of The Hellfire Club, Hawkins High School's official D&D club. Some people hate him and others love him.

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