Matrix Resurrections Neo Costume

Matrix Resurrections Neo Costume

Dress Like Neo From Matrix 4

Matrix 4 Neo Cosplay

Dress like Neo from Matrix (4) Resurrections;

Neo's Trench Coat: The iconic trench coat of Neo has changed a bit since the first movie in 1999.  Instead of leather, Neo now prefers similar-looking but wool, knee-length trench coats.

Neo's Accessories: To complete your Neo Halloween costume, you also need black jeans, a blackish gray short or long sleeve t-shirt, and optionally you can get black sunglasses.

Matrix Resurrections Neo Halloween Costume

Matrix 4 Neo Halloween Costume

Neo is the main character of the Matrix franchise. Neo is a former blue pill who was saved by Morpheus along with the crew of Nebuchadnezzar. As Redpill, the oracle prophesied him to be the one and was on the way to free humanity from the matrix and finally to end the centuries-long machine war.

Matrix Halloween Costume Ideas

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