Stranger Things Chrissy Costume Guide

Step into the eerie world of Hawkins, Indiana, and transform yourself into Chrissy Cunningham, the iconic cheerleader from Netflix's hit series, "Stranger Things." Known for her quintessential high school charm and a secretly troubled life, Chrissy's character is not just about the cheerleader outfit but also about portraying the depth of her persona. This guide will help you recreate her memorable look and delve into the complexities of her character, making your Halloween costume both authentic and intriguing.

Chrissy Costume Essentials

How To Dress Like Chrissy

Stranger Things Chrissy Outfits

Recreating Chrissy Cunningham's look from "Stranger Things" is about capturing the essence of an 80s high school cheerleader with a touch of Hawkins mystery. Here’s how to piece together her classic look.

  1. The Cheerleader Uniform

    • What You Need: Green and white cheerleader dress, "HHS" logo.
    • How to Do It: Find a green and white cheerleader dress resembling Hawkins High School’s uniform. Add an "HHS" logo using iron-on transfers or fabric paint.
    • Bonus Tips: For added authenticity, lightly distress the uniform to give it a lived-in, vintage feel.
  2. Hawkins High Hoodie

    • What You Need: Hawkins High School hoodie.
    • How to Do It: Purchase or create a hoodie with the Hawkins High School logo. Wear it over the cheerleader dress.
    • Bonus Tips: If you can’t find a hoodie, a green and white varsity jacket can also work as a substitute.
  3. Cheerleader Accessories

    • What You Need: Green pom poms, green scrunchie.
    • How to Do It: Carry green cheerleader pom poms and use a green scrunchie to tie your hair in a high ponytail, emulating Chrissy’s look.
    • Bonus Tips: Make your own pom poms with green tissue paper for a DIY touch.
  4. '86' Necklace

    • What You Need: Necklace with “86” pendant.
    • How to Do It: Find or create a necklace with an “86” charm to represent the year significant to the Stranger Things storyline.
    • Bonus Tips: If you’re crafty, you can make the pendant using craft supplies and attach it to a simple chain.
  5. Footwear and Backpack

    • What You Need: White crew socks, classic Reebok sneakers, pink backpack.
    • How to Do It: Pair white crew socks with vintage-style Reebok sneakers. Carry a pink backpack as Chrissy does in the series.
    • Bonus Tips: Look for retro or second-hand stores to find vintage-looking sneakers and backpacks.

Dressing as Chrissy Cunningham is a nod to classic 80s high school fashion mixed with the supernatural undertones of "Stranger Things." With this guide, you’ll have everything you need to step into her cheerleader shoes and bring a piece of Hawkins to your Halloween.

Chrissy Cunningham Cosplay

Stranger Things Chrissy Halloween Costume

Portraying Chrissy Cunningham from "Stranger Things" at a Halloween party involves more than just the costume; it’s about capturing her complex character traits. From her cheerleader pep to her deeper, hidden struggles, here’s how to embody Chrissy’s persona.

How to Act Like Chrissy Cunningham at a Halloween Party

  1. Cheerleader Charm

    • What To Do: Exhibit the energetic spirit of a high school cheerleader.
    • How to Do It: Be bubbly and outgoing, engaging with others in a cheerful manner. Incorporate some basic cheerleader poses or movements.
    • Bonus Tips: Practice a few cheerleading chants or routines to perform spontaneously.
  2. Vulnerable Moments

    • What To Do: Show glimpses of Chrissy’s internal struggles.
    • How to Do It: Amidst the cheerfulness, allow moments of introspection or quietness, reflecting Chrissy’s deeper conflicts.
    • Bonus Tips: When in conversation, occasionally shift to a more serious tone, hinting at a hidden depth.
  3. Kind-hearted Interactions

    • What To Do: Demonstrate Chrissy’s inherent kindness.
    • How to Do It: Be inclusive, making an effort to talk to everyone at the party, including those who might seem left out.
    • Bonus Tips: Compliment others genuinely – Chrissy might be popular, but she’s not mean.
  4. Subtle 80s References

    • What To Do: Incorporate subtle nods to the 1980s.
    • How to Do It: Use some 80s slang in your conversations or talk about popular 80s movies or music.
    • Bonus Tips: Create a small playlist of 80s hits on your phone and play them subtly as background music during conversations.
  5. Haunted Demeanor

    • What To Do: Hint at the supernatural experiences Chrissy faces.
    • How to Do It: Occasionally look distracted or unsettled, as if sensing something strange that others can’t.
    • Bonus Tips: If someone asks, briefly mention strange happenings in a cryptic way, staying in character.

Embodying Chrissy Cunningham at a Halloween party means balancing her cheerleader persona with the nuances of her character's storyline in "Stranger Things." By blending her outward cheer with her inner turmoil, you can create a portrayal that’s both fun and intriguingly deep.

About Chrissy

Chrissy Cunningham, portrayed in the gripping universe of "Stranger Things," stands out as a character who is much more than her initial appearance suggests. Let’s delve into the layers of this intriguing character from the iconic Netflix series.

Character Overview

  • Role in Show: A significant character in "Stranger Things Season 4."
  • Played By: Grace Van Dien.

Background and Personality Traits

  • Personality: On the surface, Chrissy appears as the quintessential high school cheerleader - popular, spirited, and vivacious. However, beneath this façade lies a complex individual grappling with personal demons.
  • Appearance: She sports the classic cheerleader look - a neat, high ponytail and a vibrant cheer uniform, embodying the 1980s high school aesthetic.

Role in the Story

  • Cheerleader with Hidden Depths: Chrissy's character initially presents the cliché of a high school popular girl but soon reveals deeper struggles with mental health and family pressures.
  • Supernatural Encounters: Her arc takes a dark turn as she becomes entwined in the supernatural events of Hawkins, adding a crucial dimension to the show’s narrative.

Cultural Impact

  • Representation of Teen Struggles: Chrissy’s character resonates with audiences for her portrayal of the often-hidden struggles faced by teens.
  • Icon of 80s Nostalgia: Through her attire and demeanor, Chrissy brings to life the vibrant and complex world of the 1980s, appealing to a sense of nostalgia.

Chrissy Cunningham is a character that captures the duality of external cheer and internal conflict, set against the backdrop of the enigmatic world of "Stranger Things." Her journey in the series provides a deeper look into the challenges of adolescence, wrapped in the show’s signature supernatural mystery.

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Who Should Consider

Selecting the Chrissy Cunningham costume from "Stranger Things" is a great choice for various individuals. Let’s explore who would shine the most in this iconic cheerleader outfit from the hit Netflix series.

  1. The Nostalgia Enthusiasts

    • Ideal for: Fans of the 1980s culture and style.
    • Why It Works: The costume captures the essence of 1980s high school fashion, making it a perfect fit for those who love this vibrant era.
  2. The Subtle Storytellers

    • Ideal for: Individuals who appreciate characters with depth and complexity.
    • Why It Works: Chrissy’s character offers a mix of a cheerful exterior and a troubled interior, providing a chance to explore a layered persona.
  3. High School Series Fans

    • Ideal for: Admirers of high school-themed movies and TV shows.
    • Why It Works: The costume embodies the classic American high school cheerleader look, resonating with fans of this genre.
  4. The Introverted Extroverts

    • Ideal for: Those who can portray both outgoing and introspective qualities.
    • Why It Works: Chrissy’s character requires switching between a bubbly cheerleader and a more subdued, complex individual, suitable for those who can navigate these dynamics.
  5. Stranger Things Devotees

    • Ideal for: Hardcore fans of the "Stranger Things" series.
    • Why It Works: Dressing as Chrissy allows fans to deeply connect with and celebrate the show, especially its fourth season.

The Chrissy Cunningham costume is a fantastic choice for a wide range of people, especially those who appreciate '80s nostalgia, complex characters, and the iconic world of "Stranger Things." Whether you're attending a themed party or celebrating Halloween, this costume is a great way to pay homage to a memorable character from the series.

Additional Tips

o truly capture Chrissy Cunningham's look from "Stranger Things," it's all about nailing the details. Here are some additional tips to enhance your costume and make your portrayal even more authentic.

  1. Hair Styling

    • Tip: Achieve Chrissy’s perfect high school cheerleader hair.
    • How to Implement: Use volumizing products to give your hair (or wig) the right amount of body and bounce. A high ponytail is key to this look.
    • Bonus Tips: Consider temporary hair color sprays for added authenticity, especially if you don’t have blonde hair.
  2. Makeup

    • Tip: Recreate an 80s makeup look.
    • How to Implement: Go for a natural but polished makeup look with pink blush, neutral eyeshadows, and a pink lip color.
    • Bonus Tips: Watch tutorials for 80s makeup styles for more inspiration.
  3. Athletic Touch

    • Tip: Add authenticity with sporty elements.
    • How to Implement: Include small details like a mock Hawkins High School ID or a prop like a textbook or notebook.
    • Bonus Tips: Carry around a sports bottle to emphasize the high school athlete aspect.
  4. Costume Comfort

    • Tip: Ensure comfort while staying in character.
    • How to Implement: Choose breathable fabrics and ensure your cheerleading outfit allows for easy movement.
    • Bonus Tips: If wearing a skirt, consider dance shorts underneath for added comfort.
  5. Character Props

    • Tip: Use props to enhance your character portrayal.
    • How to Implement: Carry a backpack like Chrissy’s. You can even fill it with period-accurate items like cassette tapes or an 80s-style phone case for your smartphone.
    • Bonus Tips: Temporarily customize your backpack with patches or keychains for a personalized touch.

With these additional tips, your Chrissy Cunningham costume will not only be visually striking but also rich in detail. Remember, the best cosplay is one that balances an accurate appearance with the ability to comfortably enjoy the festivities!

Couple and Group Costume Ideas

Complementing Chrissy Cunningham's costume from "Stranger Things" with other characters can make for an exciting and thematic Halloween experience. Whether it's for couple or group costumes, here are some creative ideas to enhance the Hawkins High School vibe.

Couple Costume Ideas

  1. Chrissy and Eddie Munson

    • Concept: The unexpected connection between the popular cheerleader and the misunderstood metalhead.
    • Costume Suggestions: One dresses as Chrissy in her cheerleader outfit, and the other as Eddie Munson with a denim vest, band t-shirts, and a wig for his long hair.
    • Bonus Points: Carry around a mock guitar for Eddie and interact as if in the middle of a deep conversation.
  2. Genderbend Chrissy and Eddie Munson

    • Concept: A playful twist on the classic "Stranger Things" characters.
    • Costume Suggestions: One person dresses as a genderbent Chrissy, perhaps in a more masculine version of the cheerleader outfit, while the other adopts a feminine take on Eddie Munson's rocker style.
    • Bonus Points: Mimic the mannerisms and attitudes of Chrissy and Eddie, but with a fun, gender-swapped perspective.

Group Costume Ideas

  1. The Hawkins High Crew

    • Concept: The main high school characters from "Stranger Things."
    • Costume Suggestions: In addition to Chrissy, include characters like Steve, Robin, Nancy, and Jonathan, each with their signature looks.
    • Bonus Points: Re-create iconic scenes or group dynamics from the series at the party.
  2. 1980s High School Stereotypes

    • Concept: A mix of typical 1980s high school character archetypes.
    • Costume Suggestions: Alongside Chrissy, include a jock, a nerd, a goth, and a preppy student, all in 80s styles.
    • Bonus Points: Use 80s slang and mannerisms to fully embody the era.
  3. For Families: Stranger Things Ensemble

    • Concept: The entire "Stranger Things" cast, suitable for families.
    • Costume Suggestions: Parents can dress up as Chrissy and Eddie and kids as as various characters from the show, like Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Max, and even a kid version of and Hopper.
    • Bonus Points: Have family members act out their roles, especially in interactions with each other.

Pairing the Chrissy Cunningham costume with other characters from "Stranger Things" or the 1980s high school scene makes for a memorable group or couple’s theme. These ideas are perfect for bringing the mysterious and adventurous spirit of Hawkins to any Halloween gathering.


  1. Q: Where can I find a Chrissy cheerleader costume?
    • A: Look for green and white cheerleader costumes online or in costume shops. If you can't find an exact match, a generic cheerleader outfit can be modified with "HHS" insignias using iron-on transfers or fabric paint.
  2. Q: How do I style my hair like Chrissy's?
    • A: Chrissy wears a high ponytail. Use volumizing products and a hair tie matching your hair color for authenticity. If you have shorter hair, consider a blonde wig styled into a ponytail.
  3. Q: What makeup should I wear for a Chrissy costume?
    • A: Go for a natural, soft 80s look. Use pink blush, a light eyeshadow, and pink lipstick. Remember, Chrissy's makeup isn't too bold, so keep it simple and pretty.
  4. Q: Can I create my own Chrissy costume and how?
    • A: Absolutely! Purchase a basic cheerleader outfit and add green and white details. For the hoodie, find a plain one and add the Hawkins High logo. Use green fabric to make pom-poms and scrunchies.
  5. Q: What type of shoes should I wear for the Chrissy costume?
    • A: White crew socks with classic white sneakers or Reeboks are perfect for this costume. They match the 80s high school cheerleader theme and are comfortable for all-night wear.

These FAQs cover the basics of putting together a Chrissy Cunningham costume, helping you recreate the look from "Stranger Things" with ease and authenticity.


Embracing the spirit of Chrissy Cunningham from "Stranger Things" this Halloween combines the thrill of '80s high school nostalgia with a touch of Hawkins' mystery. This comprehensive guide has provided you with all the essentials, from the cheerleader outfit to embodying Chrissy's multifaceted personality. So, step into Chrissy's shoes, and you're all set to transport yourself and others to the adventurous and mysterious world of "Stranger Things."

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